11/07/2007 02:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Yesterday was a good day to be a Democrat as our brethren in the so-called red states grabbed their lunch pails and beat up on some Republicans. A big thank you and congrats goes to all who were involved.

The southern Dems made major gains in Virginia and Mississippi and recaptured both Senates. In Kentucky, Governor-elect Steve Beshear understood the power of culture, got into a "values" battle with "devoid of values" incumbent Governor Ernie Fletcher and beat the hell out of him with what the Republicans have used as a wedge. As a southern Democrat, I am not ashamed to admit that there is no high like beating the hell out of a Republican in the south with their own stick.

I think yesterday answered one huge question concerning red state politics. Will the Reagan Democrats who left our party in the eighties continue their return? When a Democratic candidate can get through the red state culture as Steve Beshear did in Kentucky, the answer is a resounding yes. However, if a Democratic Presidential candidate can't get through the culture, or worse, hits the cultural wall head-on, a Democrat can't win. The science is literally everywhere.

I know people say "trust me", and then you think they must be lying. But as a red state Democrat who has been fighting these Republicans for a long time, just trust me this one time when I tell you that John Edwards is the only Democrat who understands and can get through the red state culture and psyche.

That is one of two reasons I am with John. He can head to a red state, connect with the people, and look like he was born on that stump. The absolute truth is with the eminent coming of the Republican onslaught in '08, John is the only electable Democrat. And believe it or not, the Republicans are coming with the fury of Hell. For those who think the Republicans are done for, we must never, never, never forget they are like a cornered animal and will do anything next year. A snake can still bite you until you cut off its head.

Besides his unrivaled electability, the other reason I'm with John is simple. Money has now completely taken over our electoral process and government. It's nuts. Somebody has got to do something and now. We need somebody who is mean enough and not afraid to fight the incredible money and power of the huge corporations and special interests. John is perfectly suited for the tough job that lies ahead, and I promise you, there will be a fight to get our government back. John will fight them. Of that, I am sure.