Taking a Disney Cruise to Norway - the Most Impressive Landscape on the Planet

"The fjordscapes of western Norway are so utterly unique and so profoundly beautiful that many people rate them as the most impressive landscapes on the planet" - Stuart Butler, Lonely Planet, April 16, 2015. Now THAT is high praise, worthy of attention, and perhaps sets unrealistic expectations.
05/11/2015 02:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

"The fjordscapes of western Norway are so utterly unique and so profoundly beautiful that many people rate them as the most impressive landscapes on the planet" - Stuart Butler, Lonely Planet, April 16, 2015. ᅡᅠNow THAT is high praise, worthy ofᅡᅠattention, and perhaps sets unrealistic expectations. ᅡᅠHowever, the more I research the Disney Cruise to Norway, I keep reading these same descriptions over and over again. ᅡᅠLater this year Disney Cruise Line embarks on their first Norwegian cruise, and we will be on board to share the fun. ᅡᅠContinue reading for a little of what I'm most looking forward to on this inaugural Disney Cruise to Norway, and stay tuned for live updates direct from the ship.

Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and home to the Seven Sisters waterfall in Norway. Image courtesy Disney

The "Re-Imagined" Disney Magic will depart from Copenhagen, Denmark and sail to Stavenger, ᅢナlesund, Geirganger, and Bergen, Norway before returning to Copenhagen.ᅡᅠ I admit I didn't know much about Norway other than what I've experienced in Epcot or watching Disney's FROZEN.ᅡᅠ I certainly knew of the Norwegian fjords, and heard they were a sight to behold. ᅡᅠHowever, the idea of visiting was not something we ever seriously considered at this stage of life. ᅡᅠWhen the opportunity presented, our family jumped at the chance, and the more I research about the area the more excited I get to experience it with the family.

Disney Cruise Line 7-night Norwegian Fjord Itinerary

Our 7-night Norwegian Fjord itinerary includes visits to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites - places designated by the United Nations as having significant natural and/or cultural heritage for humanity as a whole. ᅡᅠSome of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites you may have heard of include Egypt's Great Pyramids of Giza, Machu Picchu in Peru, and Cambodia's Angkor Wat temple. ᅡᅠThe first UNESCO Site visited on this Disney Cruise isᅡᅠGeirangerfjord, one of Norway's spectacular western fjords withᅡᅠsheer crystalline rock walls and numerous waterfalls cascading from free-flowing rivers. ᅡᅠIf the weather cooperates, we plan on fully taking in the landscape on a scenic boat tour.

Geirangerfjord, photo by Terje Rakke, courtesy Innovation Norway

The port of Bergen contains the historic harbor district of Bryggen, and the second UNESCO World Heritage Site visited on this Disney Cruise. ᅡᅠThis trading center dates back to the 12th century, and wooden houses and storefronts have comprised Bryggen since the 1300's - although fire has destroyed the village numerous times. ᅡᅠToday, 62 buildings remain of Bryggen's beautiful harborfront. ᅡᅠOur history loving family is excited to explore the cobblestone streets, shops, and markets of Bryggen, beforeᅡᅠriding the funicular to the top of MountᅡᅠFlᅢᄌien to take in the surrounding view.

Bryggen wharf in Bergen, photo by Andrea Giubelli , courtesy Innovation Norway

Of course, being a Disney ship, there will also be plenty of elements from Disney's FROZEN on this Norway cruise. ᅡᅠAnna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf from Disney's FROZEN will join everyoneᅡᅠon board the ship in a number of ways including, turning the atrium lobby into Queen Elsa's ice palace, adding FROZEN numbers into the "Disney Dreams... An Enchanted Classic" stage show, character meet & greets, a Nordic themed dinner, and special "Freezing the Night Away with Anna, Elsa and Friends," deck party. ᅡᅠIn the port ofᅡᅠᅢナlesund, Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff, will make their very first appearance in Norway at theᅡᅠSunnmᅢᄌre Open Air Museum, and the FROZEN celebration will also include traditional Norwegian music, dance, and foods.

Anna and Elsa visit Norway with Disney Cruise Line, photo by David Roark, courtesy Disney Cruise Line

While we've traveled to Canada and the Bahamas with our two daughters, this will be our first overseas trip with the girls. ᅡᅠAt 17 and 14 years old, they're certainly ready to go abroad, but there are sure to be nerves and uncertainties along the way - especially the 18 hour flight to Europe and visiting a country where none of us speak the language (we're trying to pick up a few key Norwegian phrase). ᅡᅠOur family's previous experiences with Disney Cruise Line will let us know what to expect from the cruise, so we can relax and get the most out of this new adventure. ᅡᅠI hope you'll follow along on our Disney Cruise to Norway adventure.

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