07/16/2014 09:09 am ET Updated Aug 17, 2014

"Is Autism a Disability or a Difference?"

This was the title of yet another one-sided discussion on this subject area that I read this week.

What seems to be missing in all such discussions is the fact that the idiosyncratic brand of Autism it was on about, namely Asperger's Syndrome, is dangerous and sometimes fatal.

It does not say this is classified by the United Nations World Health Organization, as, wait for it, a serious mental disease.

For local political, social and economic reasons, the classification and name have been nuanced differently by various national, regional and local political bodies within the signatory nations, initially in the two-year grace period allowed for the implementation of appropriate diagnosis and treatment services by the International Classification of Diseases manual, and more recently by the rather idiotic American Psychiatric Association's thinking, it will simply go away if they ignore it.

What no commentator apart from me seems to want to mention is that adults with Asperger's Syndrome sometimes get suicidal, and children with it are three times more likely.

The Federal Government has gotten so desperate at what's happening that, in the thick of a savage economic recession and commensurate cuts in public spending, they have announced they will fund geographical positioning system tracking devices to fit to the clothing or arms, legs, or whatever, of such people.

What all of this is saying to the mathematical faculty in my head is that about two-thirds of children with Asperger's Syndrome may be dying unnecessarily. That does not surprise me. I had about 1,500 goes at escaping this mortal coil in my infancy, childhood and adolescence. I engineered about 1,250 of them and teachers and peers at school engineered the rest.

However, I'm still here to tell the tale, despite a final pop at it on Boxing Day 2000, so an early body bag isn't inevitable. Moreover, having survived my youth, I had a career improving the public health, wealth and happiness of many people around the world, benefits of which will continue being felt until the end of time, and am now having an even more mind-boggling retirement.

If what I have written so far has captured your curiosity, then I'm guessing that you are wondering, how come this guy coped successfully against this seemingly eugenic tendency to get out of Dodge City fast and those other kids can't?

It had nothing to do with modern psychiatry. It was all down to pedagogy. Education, education, and more education. Pre-schooling, home-schooling, and special-educational-needs-school. By family, church and community. Based on traditional real estate laws carried forward by the Jesuit remnant of the rise and fall of the Holy Roman Empire of which William the Conqueror was party. Hence, he brought it with him into Britain; and, because of the empire building by conquest and colonization he started in Engle-land in 1066, it became the basis of real estate law in colonies of Britain all over the world as well as in the UK, including the US.

William brought relatives of his to help him conquer, rule and govern the territories he won from the Anglo-Saxon King, Harold, and his barons. They set about it in much the same way as the Romans in their conquest of Britain by killing off all the druids leaving the Celts leaderless. Except they did it by lopping the heads off the ruling Anglo-Saxon families, so they wouldn't be able to have kids and pass their esoteric knowledge and skills about sovereignty and governance to perpetuate heretic Anglo-Saxon privilege and nepotism that were the recognized rights attached to their family breeding.

All of the royal bloodlines that came out of the Indus Valley thousands of years earlier to create east and west civilizations of the present day were savant. So, Norman royal bloodline and Anglo-Saxon royal bloodline were related but adopted different meanings and purposes in the course of history, with the result that William was Jesuit and Harold was Arian, so William and his relatives lopped off the heads of Harold and relatives, to switch off the heresy of royal Arianism in Britain.

He then left those territories in the capable hands of his relatives to rule and govern and went back to his castle in Normandy. As chivalric esquires of William, his relatives therefore took possession of the property of the relatives of Harold, collected rents and taxes thereof from the indigenous vassals that lived on and worked or serviced them, and gave it to William to help him pay for the army and navy that helped him conquer his new territories in Britain.

After twenty years of this, he registered his allodial title to those properties by directing his esquires of them to survey and assay them, in the Great Book of Winchester a.k.a. the Domesday Survey, and, as that made them counties in French law, he appointed those esquires as their County Surveyors.

The knowledge and skills to rule and govern that were the privilege of their family bloodline were kept secret from the indigenous vassals, to avoid them from using them against the family bloodline to overthrow the King and his County Surveyors and rule and govern in their stead; and, thus, they became the first "Official Secrets" of Britain.

That is why I have coped with my Asperger's Syndrome. I am a grail of these Official Secrets. In fact, I am probably the last surviving such grail, so it is a good thing I was conditioned by my Secrets to rule and govern my suicide ideations in my earliest formative years.

I am an Esquire County Surveyor, as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson also were, privately educated, trained and qualified in essentially the same manner by our respective extended families, churches, and communities, to rule and govern our own qualities and defects, and the ones of our appointed counties, which is what I specialized in 1960-2010.

In fact, I think I am the last of the old Esquire County Surveyors because I have captured the domain name, and incorporated a not-for-profit, limited-liability organization entitled COUNTY SURVEYORS SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL LTD, in its place, without any trouble, with the aim of using it as a platform to help those kids to whom I am referring.

I am going to publish what my mother's maternal grandfather, Grampa, taught me about life, death, nature, fate, fortune, god, the universe and all that in the three and a half years that he pre-schooled me. It included knowledge and skills that helped me rule and govern my suicide ideation. He did not speak, so he never taught me anything in words, but only in thoughts and deeds. Explaining meaning and purpose of some of it could be a little challenging. However, with the aid of the mysticism that I saw him perform, and the magic and miracles, for he was a druid, I am sure I will manage.