05/12/2005 12:48 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Two Questions for Mike McCurry

Mike McCurry reminds us that, tragically, four million babies around the world die within a week of their birth each year. Three-quarters of them could be saved if they had clean water, proper sanitation, and decent nutrition. And all this can be provided for about ten to twenty dollars a child. Heck, the total would be much less than the amount either George W. Bush or John Kerry spent on their presidential campaigns (and one of those guys got absolutely nothing for all that money).

McCurry asks where are the right-to-lifers when it comes to saving those particular lives? And, he inquires, are the libs too distracted by the titanic struggle over Senate rules to advocate for these little ones? Good questions--and I salute McCurry for raising this issue and challenging both sides. I suspect there even might be one or two participants in this group blog--a grog?--who could practically write a check to cover the cost of aiding all these people. But I do have two polite and respectful questions for McCurry--since he brought up this subject.

1. When you were press secretary for President Bill Clinton did you--or anyone else--suggest he cut a small bit of federal spending to fund a save-the-babies-overseas campaign?

2. If you did, what was his response?