02/08/2012 01:18 pm ET Updated Apr 09, 2012

This Week on Idol : Steven Tyler Accidentally Hits on Himself Looking in Mirror

Gazing into the full-length mirror left in the back of the room by a P.A. on a lunch break, Idol judge, Steven Tyler, accidentally took his own reflection for that of a prospective hopeful, and began complimenting the singer on his looks, his talent, and most of all, his "sexiness."

Fox is debating whether or not to run the as of yet, un-aired episode in which Tyler is heard cooing, "I can't find a single flaw on you. Even your wrinkles are sexy. My goosebumps are getting goosebumps."

Both J. Lo and Randy Jackson, Tyler's co-judges, tried to tell the googly-eyed rocker that he was talking to himself, but Tyler was lost in his own thought; going as far as to offer a ticket to Hollywood in exchange for his phone number. When the vision in the mirror accepted, Tyler proposed. Having been subjected to week after week of national humiliation, Erin Brady, Tyler's fiance, has reportedly been seen jogging up and down Simon Cowell's block in spandex.

Idol producers are reportedly up in arms about the Aerosmith front-man using the show's audition process as his own personal dating site, and are believed to be actively seeking a replacement. Sources close to the show say exec. producer, Simon Fuller, is demanding they go in an entirely opposite direction this time, with a host who's known for his/her tact, grace and lack of ego. Rumor has it the short list includes Snooki, Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian.