10/10/2012 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 10, 2012

The Hiring Guru: Companies Are Hiring! So Why Aren't You Getting the Job

Unemployment is down, right? I know in an election year facts like that are hard to tell. Manipulated numbers or at least crafty communication of the results can make it sound hopeful and hopeless, depending who you trust. And whom can you trust? Well, The Hiring Guru, of course. I joke about these things but seriously, have you been to the mall on a weekend lately? It's packed. Meaning there are Americans, who have jobs, out spending money in a recovering economy. It also means someone is servicing those buyers. Someone who, has a job too. So, in the coming weeks, I want to share some vital information to help you get a job; or a better one. I'll share my Ten Truths for Candidates to help you succeed at interviewing and finding a career.

Before that, you should know what I've observed about the current job market. Not every job is available, but there are some specific industries that are hiring aplenty. You should research this for yourself too. Look closely and you can quickly find where the most help wanted ads are being listed in your area. Look at what patterns you see in the local job boards and watch the business news pages for companies that are succeeding and expanding. They exist in droves, don't be fooled and doubt that.

Jobs are out there. I see customer service and salesmen are worth their weight in gold, health professions are in need of help, financial industries continue to grow and the internet is rampant with opportunity for programming, design, marketing and innovation. Don't overlook startups or small "home-based" businesses. A whole wave of new companies were started by entrepreneurs during the economic downturn and now their success from hard work has them hiring for expansion.

Truth 1. Your Decision Comes First.
The first "Truth" is you must decide before accepting the interview that you want the job and you are going to be hired. More specifically, decide that this is the place where your career will begin, or continue. A career, not a job, should be in your interest and is definitely in an employer's best interest. It is easily understandable that if you don't have self-confidence as the best candidate for the position, you won't convince an employer to hire you.

Complete your homework on the position and company to gain some knowledge, which will increase your confidence. Today everything you want to know about a position can be found on the Internet. You can find either specifics for that exact position being offered at that particular company or general information about that area of employment.

Before you interview, make up your mind about being hired for the job. Compile a list of the reasons an employer wants to hire a prospective candidate and the reasons you fit those requirements. The self-respecting decision is that you are the best candidate and you know the reasons why. If you hesitate for a moment about the reasons a company should want to hire you then consider the following thoughts. You're an honest person who wants to find a satisfying job and will achieve that goal. By reading this and making an effort, you deserve a shot at bettering yourself, improving your own conditions in life, and taking that level of care to the position you'll soon hold in a company.

Employers value greatly the addition of an individual who cares and wants to make a difference for self and others. Help is the valuable exchange you offer to an area when it needs support. Knowing that, you should be able to make the decision that you are the solution to fulfill the company's needs and land the job. Make that decision. I have conducted countless interviews personally with doubtful individuals not sure if they wanted the job, or any job for that matter. The applicant seemed either non-committal to personal goals or uncertain about the skills and qualities he or she had to offer. No employer wants indecision, especially during the interviewing process. Therefore, maintain a positive attitude.

To prepare, ask yourself some of the following questions:

• Why do you want this job?
• What are your career goals?
• What factors sway you in looking for a job? Salary? Job duties? Your boss?
• What experience qualifies you as the best possible candidate for this position?
• What ambitions do you have regarding your level of achievement in this prospective new job?

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