03/10/2014 04:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Soul Searching... Enjoy the Journey!

Soul searching... we all engage in it at various points in our life. Sometimes we are seeking greater truths or to better understand ourselves and that which motivates us.

On other occasions we simply want validation for what we already believe.

No matter how it is framed, searching our soul commonly carries the expectation of long and arduous bouts of self-examination and personal doubt. It is often fraught with stress and anxiety when in reality it has the potential of sweeping us away on a magnificent adventure.

What a great opportunity to explore the organic road map of our multi-faceted "being" as we seek that which makes us unique. It all boils down to how we choose to view the odyssey.


We are embarking upon an exciting journey. It is filled with exquisite diversionary side roads, off ramps and overpasses offering us enlightening, invigorating and enchanting experiences.

The soul is hard to describe and elusory in nature! That's what makes the trip so thrilling. We are following an ever evolving route filled with anticipatory and creatively inspired images of what we may discover. Whether we will reach our ultimate destination is a mystery in itself. The excursion alone is worth the price of the ticket!

The key to a successful outcome is in our outlook. As always, a positive frame of mind usually results in a joyous afterglow. To accomplish this we must be ever vigilant and aware as we explore. Negativity has paid no fare for this journey.

How sad that so many never stop to catch a breath and be mindful of all the beauty of life that surrounds them. They don't hear the sound of a fledgling calling out to its parent or experience the feel of a gentle breeze as it caresses and envelops them as it passes on its way.

So often the rigors and realities of life serve as a brick wall to experiencing the vast treasures and textures of the mosaic of our prismatic existence.

How often has the daily grind caused us to miss an opportunity to enjoy a fantasy filled excursion of the mind to a land where the sun always shines spreading a blanket of warmth and comfort?

Don't let it be this way. The power resides within ourselves to ensure that we extract every possible bit of pleasure as the sands of time in our hourglass continue their slow trek from one end to the other. I won't say from top to bottom for who knows what will happen if we merely flip it over as one end becomes full.

What really is the mirror to our soul? For each of us it may be very different. And the answer perhaps irrelevant... or impossible to pinpoint precisely!

What is important is that in our search we make time to stop, bend and pick a wildflower along a seldom traveled byway, enjoy the smell of a newborn baby or share in its excitement of every novel discovery. It may be as simple as partaking of an unscheduled cup of tea with our parent or enjoying a new ice cream flavor.


The thrill is in the journey. And it is never ending. However, we must make conscious choices to allow ourselves playful side trips that we don't allow to be interrupted.

There are a variety of ways we can accomplish this.

Here's a simple Mind Acrobatics exercise. Read it all the way through before you begin.

"My Time... No Visitors Allowed"

  • Reserve 40 minutes.
  • Dress in your most comfortable clothing.
  • Select a favorite beverage.
  • Pick a location to sit that you find most relaxing.
  • Bring along your favorite music and listening device.
  • Take along a pen or pencil and a pad of paper.
  • When you are ready sit down.
  • Breathe in and out slowly 10 times.
  • Pause a moment.
  • Now choose any activity you desire.
  • If you'd like to listen to music, do so.
  • Feel like writing random thoughts, go ahead.
  • Thirsty, sip your drink.
  • Feeling relaxed, close your eyes.
  • Do whatever comes to mind.
  • Do none of the above.
  • This is your 45 minutes to sit and experience in any way that works for you.
  • When the mood is right finish the exercise with five slow, deep breaths.

Congratulations, you just completed an exercise of the mind and body. Perhaps you found yourself engaging in a great deal of soul searching. You may have found an answer to a question you sought. Great if this occurred and no matter if you merely experienced a few moments of serenity!

If you found the Mind Acrobatics exercise enjoyable schedule another "My Time" session for later in the week.

Most importantly, as you go about your daily activities whether they are in the home, outside workplace or whatever the environment, make yourself a pledge.

"I will never let external stresses interfere with my lifelong journey to find and explore the inner beauty of my soul. I vow to take all that comes my way in stride and to enjoy life's ride."

I wish you peace and serenity as you embark on your personal voyage to reach out and embrace the inner you... where your soul resides.


Excerpted from the forthcoming book: "Comfy In My Skin... Transformation From The Inside Out!" by Dave Kanegis