01/18/2012 12:58 pm ET Updated Mar 19, 2012

Pit Bull Survives Horrible Fire

This week's Animal Oddity is about an extraordinary dog named Spooky.

Spooky, a pit bull, is the sole pet survivor of a horrific fire in New Haven, Connecticut. The fire started in a commercial building but took out several residential apartments as it burned its course, including that of Spooky's owner Mike.

Everyone assumed Spooky perished in the fire along with Mike's three cats. But when clean up workers began going through the burned out rubble, Spooky rose from the ashes relatively unscathed.

Life With Dogs reports:

But this weekend, firemen and cleanup crews said they were stunned when, after extinguishing the blaze and commencing demolition work the following day, they watched a pit bull rise from the ashes.

"All of a sudden a big pit bull sat up in the middle of the debris," said Kevin Plummer, United Cleaning and Restoration. "We grabbed him by the collar and brought him down to the ground. He didn't bark. He didn't growl. He's a good dog."

The dog, 'Spooky', had managed to find his way into a closet. When it collapsed on him, it protected him from the intense heat of the flames that surrounded him. Spooky was brought across the street to a local vet for treatment and is recovering well.

Here's a news report about the amazing survival story of this dog.

Man"s best friend survives fire by hiding in closet:

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