10/11/2007 05:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gore's "exciting and urgent mission"

There's been some blogospheric buzz over this item on the San Fran Chronicle blog. Al Gore was going to appear today at a fundraiser for Sen. Barbara Boxer, but he abruptly canceled. Here a bit from the note Boxer sent out:

I just got a call from Vice President Al Gore. He told me that he needs to travel abroad tomorrow for an exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough in the fight against global warming.

There's been talk that Gore might be heading overseas to accept the Nobel Prize. I'm afraid that's not so -- the ceremony awarding the prizes doesn't take place until Dec. 10. There's no point being in Norway to listen to the announcements on the radio.

So ... what is it? What "exciting and urgent mission that could result in a major breakthrough" has called Gore suddenly and urgently out of the country?

Speculate wildly in comments.

UPDATE: It seems that the mission was to China, and it's been postponed. This is from a letter Boxer's office just sent out:

Good News: Tonight's rally with Vice President Al Gore is back on! His trip to China to address government leaders there about global warming has been postponed, so fortunately he can now join us today in San Francisco.