06/27/2014 11:58 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2014

Gary Oldman Sitting on the Side of the Road

As an NJA: Neurotic Jewish American I have to say that I actually agree with Gary Oldman. All he was saying is that we're all hypocrites in this "oh so" PC world of ours. Behind closed doors we all rant and say rude things about all kinds of people. He was not, I don't think, supporting Mel Gibson. He was just saying that we all slip up and Mel did it publicly because (A) he's an asshole and (B) he was drunk.

Where we do not agree is that "Hollywood is run by Jews." Unless I've missed Rupert Murdoch and Sumner Redstone at synagogue, I don't think so. Is Universal/NBC run by Jews? Paramount? I'm guessing Sony: not so much. The reason that Jews became so prominent out here is because we have long learned how to deal with pain and rejection. We know how to translate our angst and shame into humor and serial drama thanks in part to our overreactive parents. But it is hardly an exclusive, Jews only club. Vince Gilligan? Not my personal rabbi. David Benioff? Oh. Skip that one.

Hollywood is the most accepting, liberal-minded place on the planet -- except when it comes to business. There resides a world of unbelievable prejudice and near unilateral dismissal. And there lives the duplicity that we all live with.

On the one side we are very PC and care deeply about Fracking and GMOs and we just loves our gays. But behind closed doors: a way different story. That's where we ALL let our true freak flag fly. Just like Hollywood does. To the world it is Uncle Mo the most affable, always eager to please and entertain, totally accepting lovable relative. But behind those studio gates lives a whole different kind of beast that is as self serving and money grabbing mad as any GOP candidate. Prophets becomes profits. They don't even give a shit about films anymore. They just want to make movies for kids; franchises that are as deep as Sesame Street or Handy Manny.

And don't be fooled by the PC films of the fall. That's all about them too. Hey look at us! We make art! We win awards that make us look like humanitarians! Hooray for us!

At least Harvey Weinstein doesn't pretend to be prolific and profound. Sure he may not be the best poster child for my people but he does in fact act out exactly like the great studio heads of the forties. He is what he is without shame or apology and I find that oddly refreshing. Hey Miramax were his parents. Nice Jewish boy still lives. Plus he makes great films.

So in the end, let me say this. We are all full of shit. And PS the biggest shock of all when it came to Oldman's interview? It was in Playboy. Playboy?? What year is this?

I know on my part I am not a racist on any level but I am a classicist. There are certain groups --- including my own -- that I find deplorable, ugly, mean and worthless. To tell me to embrace everyone would be the equivalent of me taking over Mother Theresa's job No thanks. Thugs are thugs. Pigs are pigs. Tea Party Republicans are illiterate idiots. There are genetic mistakes. There are, thank god, a minority of people who do not want help and will in fact abuse our system and run it into the ground -- black, white, red, green. Just don't tell me to love everyone. But also don't lump the bad with the good. Be selective. Don't hate me because some idiot Jew offended you. In other words: grow the hell up.