05/09/2013 06:19 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2013

News From My Exploding Head

Lately it seems that we are living the life of the daily beast. Boston Bombers, a Cleveland monster, a psychopathic lady killer. So the question that always seem to come up is: where was God during all this? And my answer is always this: busy doing other things because kids, we are the great experiment and it's up to us to negotiate our way through devastating times and crawl through the bullshit in order to become greater souls. God simply doesn't get involved with our nonsense.

He doesn't help baseball players hit homeruns. He does not assist you in winning Grammies. And PS: his son JC isn't up for helping you either. These Gods are a couple of hands off guys who have more faith in you then you have in yourselves. Because here is the big cosmic joke folks: this is heaven. This is it. It ain't up there, floating around like some cosmic Hilton Hotel ready to soothe and massage you through eternity. Your eternity is what you leave behind: in the blessings that you invest in your children, in the power that you give to your friends. It's the selfless love that you shared with your husband or wife. It's what you invested of yourself that stays alive in your accomplishments here on earth. You never die. Not as long as your kids can smile like you, laugh like you, remember you. Wherever you go you make an impact. You leave trails of influence that infuse memory. Even if you find yourself alone and feeling that it doesn't matter if you live or die, you are wrong, because someone will be impacted by your absence. Someone will fill your pain and if you inflict pain on yourself, that will be felt ten-fold by those who really love you.

Heaven is here. The answers to all the medical mysteries of the world are in the rain forests and the oceans of the world. Why do you think most of the planet is water? The water is full of life -- including (I believe) creatures that have been created by God knows what that has made it here from somewhere else. Have you not seen some of these sea creatures that are discovered everyday? Personally I look up into the night sky and I see what appears to be the exact same configuration of the atom. With that in mind, I don't think we are anything more than a microscopic dot in the atomic DNA of one living being. We are nothing more than insignificant (in relation to the mass) living particles.

That's why the universe is so confusing.

We are always trying to figure out it's origins when what we should be doing is figuring out what we are really a part of. So kids, we are on our own. We will live and we will die: that's certain. And we will not come back, we will not be George and Marion Kirby ghosts, we will not be reincarnated any more than that bug you stepped on in your bathroom last night. Our power is in the miracle of life that we have lucked into. The Wizard of Oz was totally right: there is nothing like home. Heaven is home. And the best we can do, especially in this ear of the daily beast, is to pull each other closer and remind ourselves what took the Beatles a decade to conclude: the love you take is equal to the love you make. So if you're down, and troubled and you need a helping hand, remember: Heaven is here. Heaven is home. Heaven is within your immediate grasp.

Miracles are everywhere, as plentiful as the stars. Stars are after all, the reminder that there are that many miracles in our lives and the fact that they will be there after every difficult day serves as a reminder that there is hope and purpose. Ours is simple: don't screw this up any more than we have to. Fight for what is right. Stand up to injustice. Drown out the ignorant, inflamed masses. Beat down the fanatics who think that their delirium is their truth and should be yours. Be fair. Be decent. Be kind. Be a part of this heaven on earth.