04/01/2013 06:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New iPhone 6 Rumors: Expanded OLED Screens!

iPhone 6 rumors! I think the hottest design is the expanded OLED screens.

  1. All glass body
  2. Expandable no frame screens. Three folded 1136*640 4.2 inch OLED screens can be extended to a 7.2 inch 1920* 1136 full HD screen. There is an option to switch the iOS to iPad mode once screen expanded. This is the first iPad in wide-screen form factor. iOS' universal apps can automatically switch between the two modes once compiled by the iOS 7.0 SDK. There will be two versions of the iPhone 6, both with or without this feature. The added weight is 20 ounces and added height is 3mm.
  3. Flexible media hub at the top of the phone -- official accessory includes bluetooth earbuds (plug-in and charge), rotating 10X optical zoom camera, and PICO pocket projector. Apple will open accessory stores to sell certified media accessories to plug on top of the phone.
  4. Finger printer reader at the back of the phone to enable multi-user access and manage username and passwords.
  5. Self-awareness. Do a 360 degree scan of your apartment to enable the feature. If you can't find the phone, the find my phone feature will remotely turn on the front/back camera and tell you its exact location in the room.