11/04/2013 03:28 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

SIC Shingerview: Megan Tweed, Razorfish

I had the pleasure of sitting with Megan Tweed, VP of Media at Razorfish, this past week at the Seattle Interactive Conference. By day, Megan is an industry-leading visionary in the realm of Big Data. By night, she is an artist and a musician with a Collective that foster the arts in Seattle. I spoke with her about the convergence of art and science as it pertains to digital media.

"You give a little bit of data, and the world is curated more for you," she says. Megan noted that this was true from both an advertising and publishing standpoint, and that brands need to be more transparent with that they are doing with our data. "When creative folks are looking at data it should be a mix of utilitarian needs that are being met, as well as building beautiful experiences."

Watch as we also talk about her Collective, the importance of connecting, and how she applied the ethos of punk music to her adult life.