07/06/2005 11:07 pm ET Updated 5 days ago

Bob Novak Is a Pathetic, Unethical, Unpatriotic Hack

There is a question few in the mainstream media are asking in this ongoing scandal over who leaked the identity of CIA operative Valerie Plame: why is a New York Times writer going to jail, and Bob Novak going scot free?

It just doesn't make any sense. The guy who aided and abetted the crime in question gets to keep appearing on CNN and live his life freely, while others go to jail for his (and the White House's) crime.

And that begs a very important question in the absence of any explanation: Are we really supposed to believe that Bob Novak's archconservative political leanings and overt willingness to suck up to the GOP power structure has no bearing on the government letting him walk away from this mess? And are we really to believe that as Novak walks away, a writer who never actually published the classified information in question and who works at the New York Times - a paper conservatives love to vilify - is the real criminal?

This isn't to say that the New York Times' Judith Miller is innocent - but the question is a pertinent one, and raises the truth that no one who hobnobs with Bob Novak in his insulated Washington cocktail party world wants to say, but everyone knows: Bob Novak is a dishonest, self-serving shill who is willing to sell out America's security in order to further his fringe-right-wing ideological agenda - and as a reward for his right-wing ideological hackery, he has gotten his freedom, even though he has sold out his country.

This is a guy who is as pathetic as his tired old three piece suits. Especially if others are going to jail over this, he needs to either immedaitely come clean, or put be put in federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison with the rest of the people who are (rightly or wrongly) headed to the slammer.

For all of you who think my opinion is over the top and that Novak is really just a decent journalist doing his job, let's just be really honest for a second and move past the partisan nonsense: Novak has been an unethical hack his entire career, and few (except for other fringe jackasses like Novak himself) would debate that. The fact that CNN keeps putting him on the air as some esteemed journalist is only more proof that the Beltway Establishment is willing to overlook even the most egregious crimes against this country in order to protect one of its own.

D.C. media elitists, face facts: you have a traitor to our country among you by the name of Bob Novak - stop giving him air time, stop promoting him, and start saying that his behavior is unacceptable for any patriotic citizen, much less journalist, and that such a traitor to country is not worthy of the public airwaves.