02/21/2007 02:30 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

CNN POLL: 60 Percent Want Congress to Cut Off Funds for Iraq Escalation

I don't yet have the details or cross-tabs of the poll itself, but anchor John Roberts just said this on CNN this morning:

"Is Congress willing to cut off funding in order to end the war in Iraq? The latest CNN-Opinion Research Corporation poll shows 60 percent of Americans want Congress to block money from going to war -- President Bush's planned troop increase, the 21,500 new troops for Iraq. Thirty-eight percent are against the resolution, or at least believe that Congress should vote against the resolution."

So now we know that the strong majority of Americans want the U.S. Congress to use its real power - not non-binding charades - to stop the escalation of the war in Iraq. We have state legislatures moving forward aggressively demanding that Congress use its real power. So the questions are simple: why is Congress refusing to even debate binding legislation? Why is the debate only about non-binding measures? And why do Democrats keep going out of their way to say they won't do anything real when it comes to funding the war, when in fact the majority of America wants them to use the power of the purse to stop the madness?