09/04/2006 08:33 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

OP-ED: The GOP's War on Workers

Today, we will inevitably see Republican politicians attend Labor Day parades and events pledging their loyalty to the American worker. But as I show in a new San Francisco Chronicle op-ed, the GOP is waging a war on workers to the point where Republican leaders think it is now acceptable to refer to workers in terms reserved for military targets and terrorist threats. This isn't surprising - Republicans understand that if they destroy organized labor, they will destroy one of the last remaining institutions that fights for the economic interests of workers. If that happens, the GOP's corporate donors will be even better able to have their way in the political arena. In other words, they understand that destroying labor would result in the completion of the hostile takeover of our government by Big Money interests.

You can see this war on workers and its aiding of the hostile takeover even this Labor Day weekend, when President Bush made the recess appointment of a Wal-Mart lawyer to head the Labor Department's Wage and Hour Division. So, today, if you see a Republican politician say with a straight face that he/she really cares about workers, remember the facts documented in this op-ed - they tell the real story.