05/05/2006 08:04 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rick Santorum's Hostile Takeover

With the release of my new book Hostile Takeover this week, I am now on the road talking to groups all over the country about exactly what the hostile takeover is (you can see my full schedule here -- come out to an event if you have time!). I try to give people real-world examples. And as I head to the Philadelphia area this weekend for a big event there, the Philadelphia Daily News published an op-ed of mine today that provides one of those examples. His name is Rick Santorum -- the fringe-right-wing Republican Senator from Pennsylvania who is one of the key figures in the hostile takeover -- a role that is damaging his chances for reelection this fall. You can see the piece here.

Santorum is a textbook example of a lawmaker who is part of the hostile takeover. He's overtly corrupt, he lies about his own well-known behavior, and he carries Corporate America's agenda on the floor of the U.S. Senate. He is a what is meant when it is said that the only difference between a corporate lobbyist and most politicians is that the politicians get to call themselves Congressman or Senator. The fact that Santorum is now so clearly on the ropes in his race for reelection should give us all hope that we can fight the hostile takeover, and we can take our government back over the long-haul.