09/17/2010 12:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

JavaOne and the future of Java

I'll be blogging all next week from JavaOne (including hopefully an interview with Larry Ellison). And the number one question I think all of us have is - what's the future of Java? There are a ton of conference sessions and that's a really good sign. While the JavaOne keynote is the day after the Oracle World keynote, it does include Larry Ellison (good sign). Oracle talks about keeping Java open (good sign), and then immediately sues Google over their use of it (bad sign).

The interesting question is what to look for to figure out what Oracle truly intends to do with Java. Sun was superb about making Java of benefit to the entire community, but that was to Sun's detriment and they're no longer in business in part because they couldn't figure out how to make Java profitable. Oracle is very good at making products profitable. And so how they handle Java will certainly change. All of us who live in the Java biosphere need to figure out how it's going to change, and how that will affect our business.

So my question to you is, what should I look for? Who should I talk to and what should I ask them? If I get the interview with Larry Ellison, what is the one question you would like to have him answer? The two big things I will be watching are what is IBM doing (are they in or looking for an alternative) and big picture are they moving forward intelligently with the key pieces of Java.

If you have recommended sessions at JavaOne, please email a link to me and I will add them to this list. (Also, if you write up a review of any session, email me the link and I will be posting all those reviews in my final post.) And there's already some info coming out from the events occurring before the show (again, please email me links):And if you are in the exhibit hall and have a spare minute, please stop by to say hi. I'll be at our booth, Windward Reports - SQL Reporting.

Note: Check back, this page will get updated throughout the show. I will also post an entry at the end of each day.