02/28/2012 05:32 pm ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

Dare to Dream and Then Some

I have been so long in this valley pursuing another exclusive dream; it overwhelms me to consider how deep one man can go, when the world around me says, "give up, quit, stop digging; there is no shame in failure."But dreams continually do come true and in that there is always hope.

I have never failed in my 52 years here on this earth to fulfill a dream which has required me to give my all and then some. Don't take me wrong in this, I am in no way boasting, as I have come close numerous times, yet God in His infinite mercy, continues to rescue me, in spite of myself. He provides the perfect circumstance to appear at just the right time to bring this awe inspiring dream to fruition. Make a note of this. Remember, I said at just the right time, His time, not my time. Therein lies the difference between giving in to potential failure or staying the course to overwhelming success.

For that matter, I purposely don't go around jumping off cliffs expecting to sprout wings and fly, but I do dream big things; things which tend to make a significant difference in the lives of others; and hopefully, always for the better. Life changing dreams that affect both the recipient as well as the provider.

2012 is no different. I am approaching this year as an all inclusive game changer. Besides, I am too old to fail. The One who "has my back," always has had my back. God continually looks past my "dumb stuff" and there has been and will be lots of "dumb stuff" and sees my heart is true. He is there when I stumble, He is there when I fall and like a loving Father catches me ever so gently before my reality check; when my face comes smashing to the ground.

Albeit many times in pursuit of a dream, I have gone far out of my way to stumble along blindly to the precipice, forgetting the One who charts the course, only to be reeled back in just a stones throw away from certain destruction. Its funny how humbling these almost life altering circumstances bring me back to He who controls it all. Imagine that, God cares about me, constantly without reservation, and even in spite of my ever present predisposition to fail without notice. Thankfully He accepts me, not for who I am or ever will be, but because of who He is; abundant in mercy, abounding in love and full of unlimited grace.

I read a quote today in Guideposts from Hannah Storm, a TV sportscaster: "Always remember no matter how many people say no, all you need to find is one single person to say yes. Just one person."

God supplies that one person at just the right time, one who He has selected to share with us our enthusiasm, to this all elusive and exclusive dream He has purposely laid upon our heart.
God's gift to me is to dream big things. My gift to Him is to give Him my all to see it come true and then some. So when I find myself second guessing myself regarding this valley I am currently in, I am forever encouraged to remember His greatest gift, given to us all.
Jesus gave His all and then some for me. As unworthy as I am, I am blessed to be counted in His and then some. With this marvelous, revealing power behind us, we will not stop digging, we will not give up, and we will not fail. Not because of who we are, but because of who He is and then some, and so much more.