12/13/2012 12:03 pm ET Updated Feb 12, 2013

'Tis the Season to Be Dating

'Tis the season to be dating,

Fa la la la la la la la.

It is the end of the year.

December is here. We've got three weeks left in the year.

It's time you opened up a little bit.

It's time you started dating.

At the end of each year, businesses take inventory. They look at their sales, they take a look at what is left on the shelves and they take a look at what work is left. They set goals and intents for next year and they think about ways of improving and growing their business.

You should be doing the same in your dating life. You should be looking at yourself right now and asking, "Did I put myself out there enough this year?"

"Did I go on enough dates?"

"Did I have enough connections that were emotionally satisfying?"

Tis the season to be dating.

Most people set silly New Years resolutions.

A lot of women will say:

"Next year, in 2013 I am going to go out and meet one new man each week. I am going to go out and put myself on an online dating site. I am going to go out there and meet somebody every single day."

But in business and in life, it is all about momentum.

Why not start now, when people are more emotionally open? You have so many more opportunities at this time of year to meet people -- from the holiday parties, to being out and about every single day shopping, to all the festivities in your town on the weekends.

You have an opportunity to push yourself every single day in the direction of dating. It is time you got the momentum going.

We are all about momentum in life. I believe that life has a certain flow, an energetic flow that we can't change but we can certainly make the most of.

Here is the deal: How you end the year is how you start the year.

So the next time you see a good-looking man, wish him a Merry Christmas. Ask him what Santa is going to get him for Christmas. Flirt, have fun. Be open.

So this is today's dating pep talk for all you beautiful women out there. I want to see you all succeed and I want to see you all enjoy what's left of 2012.

End the year with some momentum.