10/15/2014 12:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Set Your Trajectory and Trust Your Path


So many things have shifted and surfaced for me this year -- all evolutionary and many surprising! I suspect many of you feel that, too. With our eyes on the prize, tenderness in our hearts and commitment in our souls, here we are in this precious sacred moment ... exactly where we should be.

We set our trajectory, trust in ourselves, plant intentions, move beyond fear and now it's up to us to surrender and trust that all of the needs of the heart that we have given ourselves -- attention, affection, appreciation and acceptance -- will carry us energetically to the places that we envision ourselves to be.

Like the daily practice of meditation -- detaching, surrendering and trusting is a moment-to-moment practice -- bringing about awareness to the fluidity and evolutionary nature inherent in this existence of ours. There are many lessons (and growing pains) along the way, which may contribute to the underlying challenge that makes us reluctant to trust and welcome the unknown.

During many years of my own self-discovery, I found comfort in discovering that the most beautiful and precious treasures are in life's little miracles. They often appear when I least expect them... when I am innocent and vulnerable to the next moment. And they consistently confirm my intuition to listen to the internal voice that guides me. The magic of miracles happens most when we remain open without expectation.

So why do we struggle? Why do we white knuckle the things that take up so much room, time and energy within our sacred, internal space? Why is being neutral and accepting such a challenge - especially when overcoming and releasing with grace feels so good? It is our desire to cling to the known -- even if it's an uncomfortable known that brings us comfort as we crawl back to "conditioned" mode. But we can gracefully break out of this lifetime of negative conditioning through self-awareness, attention, trust and acceptance.

When we truly place our attention on something it gives us the innate ability to focus on self-expansion. We can believe whatever it is that we want. By remaining attentive with positive intention, we give ourselves choices. When I choose to surrender to the moment and accept that this moment is exactly as it should be -- with all of it's flaws and uncertainty -- I feel calmer, clearer and carry a greater openness to acceptance.

Now, this may sound like somewhat of an oxymoron -- on one hand I'm saying that we need to detach and on the other hand I'm saying to place your attention where it needs to go. Finding the elusive balance between the two can be perplexing, especially when you are still searching for what your desired outcome is, but because of this necessary balancing thought process, it opens us up to working it through -- truly validating our desires and making it possible to detach with attention. Ideally, we want to detach from outcomes with the recognition and subtle awareness of our intentions. It's like driving a car -- we simply push down on the accelerator and steer. We don't worry if the right amount of gas is getting into the engine, combusting at exactly the right moment, focusing on the gears interlocking at just the right time. Why? Because we trust that the process works. And the same is true for this existence of ours -- everything in life has its purpose -- every decision, every interaction, every choice -- and will flow exactly as it's supposed to. When we trust, bean by bean the bag get's filled. This isn't the time to wallow in conditioned behaviors, it's the time to be open and accepting to the mysteries of what's to come.

It's time to trust.

Trust and acceptance go hand in hand. And it's important to know that acceptance doesn't mean that you're compromising to life, situations or people. It is a wonderful opening of the heart which gives us the quality of graceful tact -- opening you to the profound life force that is the symphony of universal existence. When you say "yes" to the way of universal law, it opens you up to greater possibilities and frees you from shackles of emotional constraints. When we let go of the "result driven" and "worried" patterns of thinking - we simultaneously open up to organically receiving what we desire most for ourselves.

It is this fresh layer of intelligence that inspires us to keep at the practice. The lightness is intoxicatingly inspiring.

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