03/24/2014 10:21 am ET Updated May 22, 2014

As Life Ends -- Forever Begins

What happens when we pass? Where do our souls go when our bodies die? Is there life after "death?" Is our time here on Earth all there is? Allow me to discuss my personal experience... then you be the judge.

In October 2011, October 9, 2011 to be exact, my youngest daughter, Cait Chivonne, just 28 years old, left the confines of this world as we know it and passed from life on Earth. It seems my life ended and began all at once.

Shortly after, Cait came to me one night while I was lying in bed. I noticed that the air changed, and there was an absolute stillness accompanied by an ultimate silence. My breathing was also changed and became extremely slow and rhythmic: in and out, very slowly, through my mouth. I felt Cait's presence as a total peace, in concert with myself. I was not conscious of my body. I felt a total lightness of being, like a floating, as if my spirit was in communion with Cait's -- the spirits simply being a lightness of energy, as if we were parts commingled into a greater whole, enveloped within the most incredible and beautiful soft light.

I believe I was provided a peek at the essence of energy. There was a total calm and an absolute peace, along with a true feeling of utter comfort. There was no sense of time, no feeling of weight; I simply felt the essence of being. Somehow, without spoken words, I understood that Cait was fine, peaceful and fulfilled, and that she wanted the same for me. I believe my precious daughter, Cait, provided me a glimpse of her final transition as she returned to join the throng of absolute and pure energy. The experience was neither shocking nor surprising. It was simply pure and utter perfection.

I have never been fearful of passing, and I don't believe in death, per se. I never thought of it as dying. Rather I always saw it as transition, a magnificent and final transition embarking upon one's ultimate journey. Now, I actually know for certain I was right all along. Now, I understand how deeply I respect the power which is far greater than I and, that power deemed this to be so. I have no choice but to bow to this. I respect the ultimate power of the universe and will continue on my mission toward absolute honor of Cait's life, passing and transition. Finally, I will celebrate in my heart and soul both her spirit and her final journey.

I am forever grateful for this profound experience. I don't know why I was graced with this phenomenal view of the expanse of forever ... I only know that I was. To be blessed with the absolute knowledge and understanding of the eternity of souls, on such a personal level, carries with it a responsibility. A responsibility to share. I am sharing in hopes of lending some love and light to those that may be entrenched in darkness. May the warmth and beauty of light prevail for all.

Excerpt From: Love Honor Celebrate: A Mother's Journey of Transition, copyright 2013 Deb Carlin Polhill.