04/21/2014 05:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

As Our Tears Fall, Let Our Hearts Rise


When faced with the loss of one so precious and so dear, as in the loss of a child, the challenge is to find the beauty in the sorrow. It is there to be certain, but one must empower one's eyes, heart, mind and soul to see it. Yes, it is a most difficult journey, but then, anything that is worth it generally does not come with simple ease.

There is such beauty in embracing the gift that our children were ever born! That our children were entrusted to us to love, honor and celebrate... always and forever... no matter what. We celebrate the minutes, days, months or years we were given and hang tight to the forever connection that we share. We are tasked to make the most of our lives, to make the most of each day. Well, if each day is a gift, and I am quite certain that it is, it is then our responsibility to embrace that gift and provide something to it. In doing so, we reap great rewards.

I am ever so grateful for the guidance and understanding that has been given to me. It is truly a blessing to know love is the greatest of all gifts. It is even greater to understand love truly does not die. We must embrace and grasp the realization that no one really dies. Death is a misconstrued concept we have been taught. Death is not an ending. The final transition is an all important step in the life cycle. People are souls housed in bodies, wonderful vehicles of flesh and bone that serve us well here on this earth. Upon death of the body, the spirit sheds those worldly confines and soars as the energy it has always been and always will be.

When we understand that our loved ones who have passed have simply passed and transitioned beyond the confines of this dimension -- where time and space have specific charts and boundaries -- into the greater whole of energy, time and space in the infinite universe, well then we understand it is this process that brings them, and one day ourselves, to the ultimate journey. A journey that brings us peace, knowledge, and understanding beyond our wildest imagines!

Beauty in the sorrow? Yes, indeed. I submit that every tear we shed pays honor and tribute to those we love who have passed, every burst of laughter as we recall fond memories celebrates the life of our loved ones and the gift of their presence here on this earth. Beauty in the sorrow? Beauty of course! This world is still so beautiful for me for it is painted with the memories and eternal spiritual presence of my precious Cait Chivonne. Her energy pulsates throughout and gives me the strength to move forward, with her, forever in my heart and mind. Death? I don't believe in death. I believe in transition... magnificent transition as those who are called embark upon their final journey.

As our tears fall... let our hearts rise.

(Excerpt From: Love Honor Celebrate: A Mother's Journey of Transition, copyright 2013 Deb Carlin Polhill)