05/11/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Who In The World Invented Track Changes?

Is anyone in their right mind able to really work with all the action behind track changes in a document?

What was the Microsoft programmer thinking when building this feature?

I know it's useful but I'm thinking: How can it be good if the whole experience of working with Track Changes in a document is like a circus on the page, words walking on a high wire with a light show underneath, arrows and dotted lines stabbing about the page like zaps of electricity.

What's with all the lines and colors and highlighted material? I'm rebelling against it. I like the delete feature, and the keyboard for new data entry. That's it.

I have a better function for Track Changes, on a more important level. Whenever we go through a major personal life transformation, why aren't we left with a thread of connection, even a breadcrumb trail to the past? We're each, then, surrounded with a web of lines and arrows and highlighted "changes." In this realm, though, no delete. Do-over does not exist. Start over does. We can re-invent as much as we want. I have.

With a personal Track Changes feature, others can see our pasts - full disclosure. Our personal history, and all that changed to make us who we are today, tracked via highlighted colors, lines, know the whole menu of Track Changes.

Wouldn't you like your own personal Track Changes feature?

It's not exactly in tune with any other self-help or personal development, but it seems like a perfect solution for keeping track of who we are and where we've been, don't you think? Our life history - there for all to see.

Email or drop a note with your feedback. If you like the idea of a personal Track Changes, I'll invent it.

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This is another Mutts Like Me concept.

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