12/08/2010 03:47 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Locked Out: Climate Justice Protest Blocked by Police and Fences Outside Cancun Climate Summit

CANCÚN, Mexico -- Democracy Now! producers ventured outside U.N. Climate Change Conference at the posh Moon Palace Hotel to talk to farmers, indigenous leaders, climate justice activists, and others who found themselves shut out of the climate talks.

La Via Campesina, the world's largest federation of peasant and smallholder farmers, held the "1,000 Cancún Global Day of Action for Climate Justice." Several thousand people took to the streets to protest what they called an "undemocratic" climate summit. Attempting to march to the Moon Palace Hotel, the demonstrators were stopped by a massive presence of heavily armed security officers and fencing. They hoped to be able to talk directly with diplomats and journalists who had official permission to attend the conference.

Indigenous and youth groups demonstrated both inside and outside the summit to call for their inclusion in the negotiations. On Tuesday, activists from Youth for Climate Justice led a walkout inside the heavily guarded conference halls.

"We are here as young people from North America representing impacted communities," said Kari Fulton, with Youth for Climate Justice. "We are here to reclaim our futures, to make sure the voices of young people who will be most impacted by climate change are heard and are respected."

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