08/20/2012 01:14 pm ET Updated Oct 20, 2012

'Big Brother 14': Banish Boogie, Please

You know how I can tell that this season of "Big Brother" may be the worst yet? Because I don't tune in and watch it live (or later that night), like I would, say, for "So You Think You Can Dance," "Rookie Blue" or "Teen Wolf" (which, sadly, wrapped up its awesome sophomore season a week ago). But I also don't think it's as awful as some viewers are saying.

There is one houseguest who's maddening -- and I think you all know who it is. Sure, Ian may be dorky, Joe's voice is cringe-worthy, Ashley's dimness is embarrassing and Danielle's stalker-y ways are pathetic, but it's Mike Boogie who frustrates. Why? Because I don't know if I love him or loathe him.

I'm not a fan of contestants from seasons past being brought back to any reality show, unless it's done in an all-star fashion. The coaches concept was intriguing -- and should have worked, but "BB" made the mistake of having Dan lose a team member (Jodi, remember her?) on the first night -- but we should've known right from the get-go that it was simply a ploy to bring back the memorable houseguests (Boogie, Janelle, Dan and Britney) into the "BB" house. And it all went downhill from there...

Fast-forward past the Willie shenanigans (whose instincts were, by the way, kind of right to team up against the coaches, but so very, very wrong with how he went about it), that stupid "reset" button (as if the four didn't know about coming back into the house ahead of time), and Janelle's eviction (I'm not even going there; I'm still bitter) to now, where Shane is head of household, Britney's safe from nomination this week (but since it's a double eviction, who knows what'll happen) and Boogie is $10,000 richer. Again, frustrating.

Mike Boogie continues to play Frank like a puppet, getting the mop-top to do his bidding without getting his hands dirty. And funnily enough, if it wasn't for Boogie, I would actually like Frank. He's funny, seems nice enough (when he's not cackling like a chucklehead in the diary room with Mike), is a good sport (the leotard and the cheers he was coming up with were pretty good) and a fantastic competitor, but I also know that he'd be gone if it weren't for Mike. Gah.

It's been pretty boring up until now (last week, Frank won HoH, put Joe and Wil up on the block, Frank won the Power of Veto, then didn't use it. Yawn.). If Frank had put Dan up, that would have made for some interesting developments, but I suppose producers are hoping this upcoming week will do the trick, since the Silent Six alliance has gone down the toilet now that Mike and Frank have been nominated for eviction.

It doesn't matter, because Frank is still the target. If Mike wins PoV, Frank's a goner, obviously, but if both stay up, Mike would still stay over Frank -- which only makes sense now because he's overcome so many obstacles. Ultimately, though, Boogie is more of a threat than Frank. Yes, Frank is awesome at challenges but Mike's pretty much got this game figured out.

I don't watch the live feeds and I avoid spoilers like the plague, but here's how I think the rest of the week will go down: Frank will win Power of Veto (since he's a rock star when his life is on the line). Whomever is put up in his place, say, Joe (because no matter how hard Mike and Frank work to get Dan up on the block, the Quack Pack will nix that), he still isn't guaranteed safety because there's something about Boogie that houseguests are so blind to seeing. Hello! This is a guy who's won the show before (in its all-star season, no less), but I wouldn't be completely shocked if he worked his sorcery over the house and managed to stay another week.

Blood. Boiling.

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