09/07/2011 01:15 am ET Updated Nov 06, 2011

Are You Tuned Into Your Intuition?

"Think of yourself as a spy whose mission is to detect how much in tune you really are with your life -- the big picture and the details. Unlike more cerebral methods, intuition offers you the edge of having X-ray vision into all energy matters."
-- Dr. Judith Orloff

Last week while driving around town doing some errands, I was listening to my favorite "oldies" radio station. There I was, just crusin' along, singing backup for Jim Croce at the top of my lungs: "Bad -- Bad, Leroy Brown, baddest man in the whole ... "

Then instantly, nothing but static was coming from my radio. Jim was gone, just like that. Then, I made a left turn onto the freeway and there he was! Just by changing the direction of my car I was able to pick up the radio station's signal again. Unfortunately, by that time, Leroy Brown had already met his demise and the song was fading -- Jim was gone, and Morris Albert began singing "Feelings," at which point I started feeling a bit depressed, so I tuned the radio to my favorite talk program and left well enough alone.

I suspect you have had similar experiences with your car radio fading in and out of a particular station as you drove. The point is that we know the radio station is always broadcasting its signal but, for one reason or another, it is we who are not able to receive the signal clearly, depending on where we are geographically. We can also choose to ignore the broadcast signal altogether by simply turning off the radio. This is a perfect metaphor regarding how divine guidance and intuition work -- it is always available to us, but we have a role to play -- we need to tune into the signal.

In the animal kingdom, every creature lives and survives by instinct. Instinct is another word for divine guidance working at the level of "animal." At the level of animal, there is no real free will. Instinct will always lead an animal in a direction that is for its survival. The same intelligence is working through human beings as intuition, which is broadcasting its "guidance beam" to all of us 24/7.

The primary difference between the animal kingdom and ourselves is that animals don't have an ego to get in the way, and we do. The disadvantage of free will is we can ignore the guidance being offered all the time.

I like the aforementioned quote by Dr. Judith Orloff because she offers us an invitation to do some self-inquiry to see how "tuned into" life we are. In his classic book, "This Thing Called You," Ernest Holmes writes:

"Divine Guidance is yours for the asking. The answer to any problem which can ever confront you already exists at the center of your being. The Divine Presence will guide, guard and protect you. It will counsel you with wisdom ... it will sustain and uphold you in everything you do. You will learn to talk with It and you will receive direct intuitive answers."

The point is, our intuition is always turned on. The question is: Are we tuned in?

How will we know when we have dialed into our divine guidance? When we take time to make ourselves available to our intuitive guidance we actually bypass the intellect and dial into the signal emanating from the heart. Guidance may not even come in the form of words at all. Pay attention to your "gut" feelings, which then often rise into your heart space. It's one of those "you know when you know that you know" feelings.

Divine guidance can also come in the form of our dreams, or it might even be revealed in the passage of a book we are reading or in a conversation we are having with someone. If we are listening (tuned in), the guidance will find its way to us, surely as the radio broadcast signal does when we are positioned well and tuned into the right station.

How will we know the guidance is coming from the divine source? Guidance from that which is infinite love can only be for the highest good, not just for ourselves, but every other person involved -- divine guidance harms no one and helps everyone.

Remember, your intuition is there to guide you and ensure your survival and well-being. As Judith Orloff infers, with intuition you are able to look into all energy matters as if you had X-ray vision. There is not an area of your life where being in tune with your intuition will not serve you well if you are willing to look and listen.

As Orloff says, "Think of yourself as a spy whose mission is to detect how much in tune you really are with your life." Every moment of every day the divine guidance beacon is being broadcast, and there is no place you can be that the signal cannot reach: It will penetrate your darkest nights and deepest despair -- it will reach you in your valley experiences as well as your mountain top times. You simply need to remember to turn on your receiver and tune in. If by chance you hear Morris Albert singing "Feelings," you might want to try another station. Now breathe, smile and go for a drive ... and listen.