10/31/2016 04:33 pm ET Updated Nov 01, 2017

Your Body Is Wiser Than You May Know

"The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease." ~ Voltaire

There is nothing quite like a serious bout with food poisoning to remind us of how absolutely intelligent our bodies are. In hindsight, had I only known when I ate what I did for lunch last Friday that it would lay me low (and I mean really low) for three days, I would have ordered something else. Within eight hours of eating that meal my body let me know, clearly, emphatically, and with great enthusiasm, how unhappy it was with my choice of meals...and it was taking a DEFCON 4 action to mitigate the problem. Ever been there? If you have, you probably didn't pause to consider it at the time, but the entire experience is quite an exquisite demonstration of how the innate intelligence of the body knows exactly what it needs to do to maintain optimum health and balance...and it doesn't always ask our permission to do so.

You may consider this all TMI but I share my experience with you as a reminder to occasionally stop and thank your body wisdom for the impeccable job it does at maintaining your earth-suit. I came out of the experience with a renewed commitment to take care of my body as well as it is committed to taking care of me and that is quite humbling. Love and honor your body--together, you make a great team.

Peace, Dennis