07/21/2014 03:38 pm ET Updated Sep 20, 2014

Best Hotel Bathroom Designs (PHOTOS)

Today’s hotel bathrooms are about more than just the sum of their sinks and showerheads. These days, they serve as ultimate sanctuaries, providing the comforts of home or transporting guests to another realm.

Fresh air and natural light are prized commodities, as are stunning views of skylines or natural landscapes. Fragmentation of areas within the room according to function is popular, such as separating the salle de bain from the toilet. And curating regional aesthetics and incorporating interesting materials is also top of mind; local supplies and recycled construction resources are layered with classically opulent stone, glass, wood and other substances. Here are ten hotel bathrooms that cohesively balance utility and beauty. —Chaney Kwak

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Best Hotel Bathroom Designs (PHOTOS)