06/02/2015 04:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Designer Tips for Choosing Statement Lighting in the Dining Room

Good lighting is key to good home design, and lighting play perhaps no more important a role than in the dining room. It helps set the mood, encourages intimacy and ensures that guests and hosts alike feel comfortable. However, it's more than just functional. A light fixture in the dining room must be statement-making, serving as the centerpiece and inspiring the other design elements in the space. Here, we turn to six design professionals for their top advice when selecting a lighting fixture for the dining room.


For placement, I don't follow the standard that says the light fixture should hang 30 inches above the table. I prefer to look at the visual weight and proportion of the piece as well as the light output. Soft light is critical, and supplemental lighting can always be used to provide additional perimeter illustration.

-- Yvonne Colacion, Colacion Studio


I think about whether there are any special features to the house or its location that can be of inspiration. This fixture, in the dining room in my North Fork, Long Island beach house, was specifically picked because the shells match the rustic feel of the shingled Cape but bring a hint of shimmer and dazzle.

-- Bella Mancini, Bella Mancini Design


Always be cognizant of the quality of light. Dining rooms are best suited for soft, indirect, ambient lighting. It's flattering and creates a more pleasing atmosphere for dining.

-- John Wooden, John Wooden Interiors


Choose fixtures that complement the interior of the room in an unexpected and romantic way. We select the chandeliers that provide soft flattering light over the dining table and help bring the entire room together, which is especially important in the dining room.

-- Marina Mizruh and Sarah Chavez, Chimera Interiors


When I look at a light fixture for a dining room, I consider its appearance when in use as well as when switched off. It should look great either way -- a fixture does more than just to provide light, it also creates atmosphere. I like unique and interesting fixtures, which can become the jewels in a design concept.

-- Dorothee Junkin, DJDS