07/28/2016 04:37 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2017

5 Things To Pay Attention To During The Monsoon

Everyone loves the rains. The monsoons bring with them a certain romanticism, some magical quality to the days. Which poet worthy of his salt has not courted the sights and smells of the first showers?

Yet, the monsoon can bring a lot of grief with it - especially in the case of babies and school-going children. Parenting for millennials can turn a nightmare between sick children and work schedules that simply don't let up.

The good news is that these can be avoided by taking a few simple measures.


Stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables as Nature has a way of power-packing all the required nutrients for the season. Leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower etc need special care while washing as they might carry microbes from the rain water into your kitchen. Avoid street food, or even eating outside as far as possible. Being consistent with home-cooked food is a great way to boost immunity. Hot/warm soups carry a special appeal during the monsoons and can be an easy option to get the required nutrition to the kids.


Water-borne diseases take on a fresh lease of life during the monsoons. Sterilize feeding bottles and other utensils that are primarily used by children should. Make it a household practice to consume boiled water to safeguard against infections. Drink plenty of water to wash down the bacteria and other unwanted microbes.

Personal Hygiene

Habituate your child to cleaning their hands and feet after they have been outdoors for a while. Use antiseptic in the bath water to eliminate any lingering bacteria and germs. Frequent and gentle towel rub-downs can prevent rashes, allergies, and fungal infections. Clip their nails frequently to avoid stagnation of germs under the fingernails, which can get passed into their food, leading to stomach infections.

Dress appropriately

Tuck away a raincoat (preferred over an umbrella in case of children) inside their school backpack. Even though most raingear has water-proof material, ensure that they are also fitted with high-quality waterproof zippers to avoid seepage and wetness. It's also a good practice to pack a set of warm clothes to change into as soon as they in a dry environment to prevent colds and other symptoms.

Trump the mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can go on a rampage during the monsoon. Stagnant water pockets either inside or outside the home are breeding grounds for these seemingly annoying but sometimes deadly creatures. Stock up with child-safe mosquito repellents and make sure to throw them in during long trips. Full-sleeved shirts and full pants are preferable to avoid getting bitten. Spraying your wardrobe with Neem leaves and cloves can keep other insects at bay.

Devishobha Chandramouli is the founder and editor of Kidskintha- a platform dedicated to helping millennial parents raise happy kids. Get your own FREE copy of the eBook "137 Proven Productivity Hacks For The Millennial Parent" now.