08/24/2010 04:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Tiger Woods' Divorce is Final

The inevitable has not come to fruition. As of today Tiger Woods and Elin Woods are officially divorced.

This puts an end to a marriage that was put on the rocks because of Tiger's inability to keep his driver in the bag. As of a result of Tiger's "transgressions" with an array of female conquests his marriage is now officially over.

So, what's next for Tiger?

What can we expect from him on and off the course?

The shine of the rainbow he thoroughly enjoyed since he turned pro and winning the Masters in 1997 has turned into rain.

Will Tiger weather the storm of this divorce?

This situation is obviously bittersweet. It's bitter because Tiger was living a dual life. He was projected to be a person that he wasn't. Tiger finally had to face the music by dealing with his philandering head-on.

While the preeminent focus is now the divorce I feel the beginning of the end was when his father Earl Woods died in 2006. Not to diminish the institution of marriage but one can get another wife if they choose. One can have more kids if they want but one cannot get another father and best friend tied into one.

Perhaps if Tiger's father was still around he could have avoided the public shame and kept his family together. Perhaps his best friend would have provided him the guidance to make better choices off the course the way he taught Tiger to do on it.

Sadly it's wishful thinking because we'll never know.

Tiger is the most recognizable athlete in the world. He took pride in his ability to shine publicly while endorsing products and working his magic on the golf course. Tiger built up a following for the ages in taking over the mantle as the marquee endorser in all of sports from Michael Jordan.

Despite the divorce this situation can be possibly sweet for Tiger. He finally has clarity. His marriage is over, his game has suffered, and he's endured a lot of public shame but at least he knows where things stand.

The once private life of Tiger Woods is all but public. We all know of the multiple women, the lies, infidelity and now the divorce. It's the world-wide shame that he must deal with for the rest of his life but that doesn't mean his life is over.

Let's keep it real here. Statistics don't lie. Nearly 60 percent of all marriages end in divorce within 10 years. Tiger and Elin were married in October of 2004 and it just ended August 23, 2010.

It is what it is.

Tiger can maintain the relationships he has and let go of those who abandoned him because of his choices. He now has the option of getting married again or merely living the single life like New York Yankee star Derek Jeter.

Even though Tiger has a new-found clarity he simultaneously must deal with the residue of what his life was in the course of establishing his new normal. No more family waiting for him at home, no more and no more wife and children at tournaments after he wins.

Many are asking is what Tiger did worth it.

Was it?

Is what Tiger ultimately gained by teeing it up with multiple women worth all that he's lost?

Most probably would say no but ultimately that's something Tiger has to work out for himself. After all, we are on the outside looking in and Tiger is only human.

While Tiger has lost a lot he has a full life ahead of him. He's just a statistic like many of those who have endured divorce. The only difference he has a boat-load of dough and many of us don't. While money isn't everything it sure helps one to move on.

With the passage of time Tiger will be just fine. He can now concentrate on his game and keep working to establish a new life in the mainstream.

While Tiger is still in the midst of dealing with the rain with time he'll once again enjoy the shine of his new rainbow on and off the course.