11/02/2012 02:20 pm ET Updated Jan 02, 2013

NO to NYC Marathon 2012

The debate has grown more contentious all week long: To run this Sunday's NYC Marathon... or not.

Mayor Bloomberg has so far given his blessing to run the famous race, his reasoning being that the annual upbeat energy of thousands bringing spirit... and of course bringing several million dollars into the city's economy... would be a healing enterprise when New Yorkers sorely need it.

That side of the debate held some credence earlier this week. But now that we are five days into escalating distress -- people without homes, without water, without food, without gas, without electricity, without heat in sub-freezing temperatures -- it is patently absurd to think that running a sporting event that takes police personnel, thousands of volunteers, closing of bridges that are already strained makes any sense.

The idea was originally that the race would be dedicated to all those who lost their lives to the wrath of Sandy.

Running the race would be a deplorable affront to those lost souls, as well as to those suffering in the aftermath of the storm. These people are in crisis. Thousands of athletes, seeking the thrills and individual challenges that are the usual bounty of this spectacular event, should themselves make the collective decision.

You 2012 NYC Marathon entrants, stand up. Make your declaration that you will not run this year. You will instead make contributions, every one of you, to the Red Cross, earmarked for New York City disaster relief.