05/29/2013 04:58 pm ET Updated Jul 29, 2013

Part One: 15 Summer Office Commandments for Him

  1. Thou shall not wear a corporate business suit without socks - especially to court!
  2. Thou shall not skip deodorant in lieu of an expensive body wash that touts "all day fresh." Use both and turn on your air conditioner.
  3. Thou shall not carry an empty wallet. It sends the message that you are cheap or lack business sophistication.
  4. Thou shall not text in front of a client, boss or colleague. Doing so shows your lack of good judgment.
  5. Thou shall not use a toothpick in public...never...ever! You were not raised in a barn.
  6. Thou shall not wear linen to the office, regardless of summer temperature. Wrinkles are unattractive on every "body".
  7. Thou shall not squeeze into last year's jeans if thou has gained weight. Spring for a new pair of dark washed jeans, and wear them with a button down shirt and sports jacket on Friday.
  8. Thou shall not wear sandals. Your colleagues and clients should not be subjected to your hairy toes. Follow the mantra, "Out of sight and out of mind."
  9. Thou shall not wear pink pants to the office. Yes, the look is great on the model in the magazine, but seriously, not on you.
  10. Thou shall not text during a business meal. Using your smart phone during a lunch or dinner meeting is simply foolish if you are attempting to make a good impression.
  11. Thou shall not confuse a backpack with a professional briefcase. You graduated from college several years ago and need to accessorize appropriately.
  12. Thou shall not wear a clip on tie. Take the time and make the effort to learn how to properly tie the knot.
  13. Thou shall not eat smelly foods at your desk. Be courteous to your fellow cubicle mates, and take your tuna salad to the park.
  14. Thou shall not gossip or wear polyester. Both are business disasters.
  15. Thou shall not wear a slim cut suit if one is not slim cut. It is better to fit nicely into a more generous cut suit than to squeeze into a piece of clothing that is similar to wearing a sausage casing. Dress for your own particular body type.

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