11/11/2014 11:56 am ET Updated Jan 11, 2015

10 Ways to Show Your Ex is Living With Someone

The laws surrounding termination of alimony vary from state-to-state, but the general sentiment is clear: If your former spouse is engaged in a marriage-like relationship with a member of the opposite sex, and you can show evidence of their social and financial interdependencies, you may be able to reduce or termination your alimony obligation. Under the right conditions, you may even seek retroactive alimony payments. As alimony reformers beat the drums for change, and as the traditional one-income family dynamic shifts to the norm becoming a two-income family, courts are looking more closely at the basis for awarding and maintaining spousal support.

Decades ago, the details of our daily lives weren't featured on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Our personal information about shopping habits or banking preferences was, for the most part, private. When required for discovery during a legal process, this information was often burdensome and difficult to obtain, as it was usually buried deep in paper archives. Fast forward to 2014, and we find this information just a click away. Documents such as banking statements, tax returns, and credit information are maintained electronically, making your electronic footprint easily traced. Likewise, the ability to track someone's whereabouts no longer requires extended stakeouts. Instead, we have GPS tracking devices, social media, photographs capturing us at bank machines, cell tower location records, airline records, hotel rewards programs, and other timestamps showing where we've been, who we've been with, and how long we've been there. For someone trying to demonstrate that a former spouse is living with someone else in an effort to have an alimony obligation reduced or terminated, the job of collecting evidence is much easier today.

Top 10 Signs Your Ex Is Living With Someone Else<:

1. Your Ex's garage is being used as a permanent parking lot or storage facility for someone else's stuff;

2. Household chores, such as taking out the trash, mowing the lawn or doing the laundry, are being performed by someone other than the housekeeper, your Ex or your kids;

3. Home improvement projects are being performed "by a friend";

4. Your kids have been instructed not to tell you when "Uncle Bill" sleeps over;

5. Your ex's new love interest doesn't maintain a legitimate separate residence (claims to be staying at "mom's" or a "friend's" house" are likely charades;

6. Cell phone records demonstrate overnight visits to exceed the sporadic vacation getaways or weekend overnights;

7. Bank records show mysterious transfers or unusual behavior patterns;

8. Corporate records reveal new partnerships deceptively organized in "business-like" relationships;

9. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) show the happy couple at graduation ceremonies, birthday parties, religious gatherings, holiday events, etc. etc. etc.