09/09/2013 11:52 am ET Updated Nov 09, 2013

Bill de Blasio Is Not Running a Racist Campaign

In an interview with New York magazine, outgoing Mayor Michael Bloomberg accused frontrunner Bill de Blasio of running a "racist" campaign. He graciously conceded that de Blasio is not a "racist" personally, just that his campaign is racist.

He accused de Blasio of appealing to the black vote by showing off his biracial family. The website Buzzfeed was quick to point out that Bloomberg knew how to play identity politics too.

What bothers Bloomberg is that de Blasio may well be his successor and has shown no deference to Bloomberg. In fact, he has been the mayor's sharpest critic. What an insult to Bloomberg!

So what does the mayor do? He says that the de Blasio campaign is racist.

Why? Because de Blasio has a biracial family, and he has made commercials with his handsome son who sports a big Afro. How dare he show off his mixed-race children! According to the mayor, that's not fair: it's racist!

But whose children and wife should be in his commercials if not his own?

Would anyone think twice about any other candidate showing off his wife and children?