12/01/2011 06:20 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Holiday Gifts Challenge: What You Can Get For $100

For many people, a budget of $100 for gifts is a challenge. But for most of us (myself emphatically included), it's a reality. So when Stylelist Home decided to have the editors face off to see who can get the most gifts for under $100, I got pretty excited (and into my competitive mode).

Here were the rules:

- They have to be gifts that someone would WANT to get. It shows that you gave the gift and the person some thought.

- There can't be more than 1 vintage item, if any. I love vintage finds, but this is about someone else, not me. And there's nothing worse than finding out that there's only one of something.

- They have to be gifts you'd actually give. Entertaining accessories have never failed far.

- The gifts have to be pretty easy to get. Meaningful gifts are great but no one should be searching the world over for something to give.

Therefore, the real goal is to combine quality with quantity and get the most value we can for our money.

My tally? $96.90 for 5 gifts. And you can throw in one of those spirits from Editor Brie Dyas' list.

Click through the slideshow below to see how I did! And see all 16 items that Stylelist Home Editor Brie Dyas picked for her $100 gift guide challenge here.