10/05/2014 10:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Got a Facelift

(Image Source: HopefulNebula)

Millions of Americans get passionate emails from the Republican Party urging for (mostly monetary) support. Recent antics from the GOP email campaign include selling "I Miss W." shirts, and pairs of daddy Bush socks. Charming? had 378,697 unique visitors in August, representing thousands of potential supporters. Chuck DeFeo, the GOP's Chief Digital Officer, emailed subscribers about a "brand new" on Sept. 24. DeFeo further states, "we built it for you -- our most committed grassroots activists."

Scroll down to see the "VOLUNTEER TODAY" section (dedicated to those "committed grassroots activists") sticking out like a sore-thumb. The new design utilizes the trendy tile-based look that has grown popular in online media. Each tile contains a photo with a short blurb about a volunteering demographic. These tiles start with "RNC Women," "GOP Hispanics," "Black Republican Activists," and "Asian Pacific Americans."

From an online perspective, the party is reaching out to oppressed demographics they have historically done poorly with. Shockingly, "GOP Faith" is the fifth tile down, followed by "GOP Millennials," and "Veterans & Military Families." Could this be a representation of the GOP's priorities?

Obviously strategists hope this new website design will help with the diversity-appeal facelift they desperately need. Still, this is an earnest attempt at appearing less racist, sexist, and religious. But it remains to be seen if oppressed demographics will save the GOP this coming election.