09/15/2011 08:52 am ET Updated Nov 15, 2011

Catalogue and Improve Your Images "Workflow".

The summer is over and vacations are wonderful memories, so don't let the photos of your summer, live in your camera, as Jpegs.

Your digital camera is sitting on your table loaded with great images, as if it is saying... "OK... I have all these images in me, what are you going to do now!"

You can create a simple "Work-Flow" for your digital images by utilizing catalog/editing programs, like Picasa and iPhoto.

For starters, you'll have to upload your images to your computer. However, with programs like iPhoto for Mac and Google's Picasa, it's easy. Picasa, originally for PC, is now available for Macs. Either one can be set to "default" as the program you use when uploading your images.

When you start to upload your images to your program, by default it will ask you to name your album or just save it by date. From here, you can then move some of the images to another album/folder that you can create and rename it. For example, if you upload 1,000 images, yet you went on separate trips, you can make each one of those trips into separate album/folders for easy cataloging and searches.

Both programs make it simple to create new albums/folders, name them as we feel, or keep them labeled by date. Now you have the capability at your fingertips, to retrieve any image you may want to locate quickly, email, or print using one of the tab links that are easily found as part of these programs.

Today we have the ability to create photo books, right from our computer. We can find these links via our programs as well. For example, Shutterfly is a good start.

A great tip would be to create a new album/folder of your edited images that you want to use for your book, before uploading to any bookmaking program. This keeps it simple and easy to reference your edited images, thus creating an easy workflow.

The point is, do something with your photos. Get them off the camera, categorize them and edit out some of those "best" images of you and your family. Now that we know how to obtain a better workflow, at the beginning stage, going back to find certain images will become a much easier task and save us hours and days of time searching for that one image "we knew we shot when".

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By Ken and Santino -- The "Photo Guys"

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