04/09/2014 01:52 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

LA Congressman Should Have to Kiss His Job Goodbye

Earlier this week, Rep. Vance McCallister's (R-La) week got turned upside down when a video of him making out with one of his paid staffers surfaced, and basically reassured me that marriage (you know the hetero-kind) is still strong and thriving in the good 'ol deep south!

McCallister, who was heavily supported for the office of Congressman by the Duck Dynasty guys that made all that "quack" about homosexuals not too long ago, is new to our nations capitol. However even if he watched House of Cards, he would know to do things in secrecy, not when surveillance video cameras are taping you.

Two days before Christmas, he's necking with a staffer while his wife and kids arent around.

Look Vance, we all make mistakes, I've made SO many myself.

When you ran for office you publicly made a point to run as a conservative, and primarily oppose gay marriage. Growing up in Louisiana, I know most of you suits who sit around and make the laws for my great southern state, and our nation, oppose the right to allow homosexuals (like me) to marry, because it "desanctifies the institution of marriage" and you view it as a sin.

When things like this happen, I still don't quite follow how me choosing to share my life with another man diminishes your marriage. Especially when recent actions suggest that you don't even respect your OWN marriage as an "institution". As a gay man I find it frustrating to be forbidden to be married (because of politicians like you who get to decide my rights, or really deny me of them I guess) but the same people making that decision for me can do as they please, and then let their employee go.

But that is not the ONLY double standard I've come across in this mess of a situation. I mean by all means, as the video suggest, clearly she needed to be taken off pay-roll and released of her duties through your office, because what she did was wrong. (That's me being sarcastic.) but YOU... you should still be allowed to stand as a "representative" of your constituents? Why does she need to lose her job, and you keep yours?

Mr. McCallister, I read, your apology. You (like a long list of other politicians who ask for our vote, and trust) explained how you messed up, were sorry, embarrassed and regretted your decision, and then you asked for forgiveness.

DONE! GRANTED! (That's me being serious, NOT sarcastic)

When your backers/ supporters from Duck Dynasty made their remarks, I was hurt, but one of the first to offer forgiveness and support for them to stay on the air. For you Mr. Congressman, I offer the same. Forgiveness from a gay man who HOPES to one day be able to be allowed to get married.

Re-establishing trust is a lot like running for office. You have to knock on doors, prove to others that you are honest and a good choice to support, get people to take a stance for you. It takes work.

That is work that you have said you are ready and willing to put in. I hope and pray that the work pays off. I hope and pray that your wife, constituents and co-workers are as forgiving. You messed up, you owned up to it, and now it's time to move on.

When working on your marriage and regaining your wife Kelly's trust, give it your all and FIGHT LIKE HELL to make it work.

After all, it's something you can work to make stronger, and something you still refuse to let me have a chance to make my own strong.