Asian Americans May Nip The Vote

Via Hyphen today, we stumbled upon an encouraging analysis of recent studies compiled by Rutgers, Cal, USC, and UCR: Asian voters could tip the scales towards Obama in many battleground states. Perhaps you said what I (Diana talkin') said: Woohoo! We rule! We'll win this thing! I'm so psyched about my fellow yellows!

Because if that's what happens on November 4, we really will rule and I deserve to be super psyched. Of course, as we continued to peruse through the rest of the facts about voters that have decided on their candidate, one glaring fact did emerge and pop our celebratory bubble:

"...two-thirds of Vietnamese Americans said they support Mr. McCain."
What? Gotta ask all ma peeps now: why? Is it because yer all like, "He totally fought those fucking Cong Commies!" or "We ran away from big government, muthafucka, we ain't goin' down like that again!" or "I like that Palin lady--she's spunky!" or "He only said he'll
for as long as he's alive, and that couldn't possibly be very much longer?"

Um, well, at least I'm super psyched about a third of my fellow American gooks.