12/12/2013 04:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jingle Ball is a Jingle Wreck for Selena Gomez


Disney-alum and pop-starlet extraordinaire, Selena Gomez, has apparently had better nights than last Friday at KIIS FM's annual Jingle Ball concert.

The trouble seemed to be brewing from her very first song while her crew was sorting through some "microphone and audio problems", so Selena made small talk with the crowd, promising that "cooler" performers would be taking the stage soon. (Don't undersell yourself, Selena! YOU DATED BIEBER. And you were a WIZARD OF WAVERLY PLACE! I mean, that's pretty cool, right? Uh, right?)

Apparently the issues were resolved, but suddenly a backing track blared over her song "A Year without Rain" revealing that she was actually lip-synching. This upset her enough to drop the f-bomb when it was done. In front of a crowd that reportedly had quite a few children in it. And then stormed off the stage. Bad move, lady!

That's right. Selena loudly proclaimed "WHAT THE F*%*?" before pulling an Ashlee Simpson and exiting stage right. One can only assume that SHE assumed her mic wasn't on? Maybe because she doesn't really use it when she's singing? I mean, that's what all the kids are doing these days, right? Well, except Ariana Grande apparently (who got her start on Nickelodeon? We can't keep up with these pop stars anymore), who also had some audio issues, but proclaimed at one point "At least now you know I'm not tracked." And of course, Selena Gomez fans took to the Twitters and cried foul, because OF COURSE that was aimed at her.

As if it needs to be mentioned: DO NOT MESS WITH POP STARS ON TWITTER. Their fans are rabid animals and will attack at the slightest jab at one of their favorites. Lesson about to be learned for Ms. Grande. Ariana took to Twitter after the performance with a couple of CYA (that's "cover your a**") attempts:

"Ohhh jesus. I wasn't throwing shade AT ALL I didn't even see anyone else's set. I was sick backstage that's why I didn't even do the carpet."

...followed by...

"I was just cracking a joke cause my mic was off. Everyone had tech difficulties. Sorry if it was taken the wrong way it wasn't my intention!"

Uh huh. If we were young enough to know what "throwing shade" means, we might agree.

Regardless, the seeds of "Selena the lip-syncher" have been sewn. Selena hasn't mentioned the incident on Twitter. (Probably because her minions "took care of the problem.") We'll just keep sitting back and wait for the official "I don't lip-sync" statement to be made by her people. Anyone have any popcorn?