01/16/2015 03:47 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2015

Heartbreak Sucks, Dealing With It

DJ Many

Breakups are the worst thing ever. Luckily, I've never had to experience death in my family, but I'd imagine the feeling is close to a breakup. The closeness and the connection you had with someone is now over. The kicker is that the person is still around and you never really know if it's completely over.

To start to get over your breakup, here are some methods I've used. Nobody can exactly relate to how you feel, although these have helped in the past.

Find something else to love -- this doesn't have to be somebody, but you need to pour your passion into something. In fact, jumping into another relationship is the worst idea because you're building on a fragile foundation. When I say find a new love, I mean a hobby or a creative outlet.

Some of the best music in history has been about breakups. All I can do in the wake of my breakups is listen to music and write new music.

Drake shared his heartbreak and emotions to the world with his music and, in turn, became one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. He serves as an inspiration when I'm feeling down about a relationship and to admire the good times that I had with my ex.

Be thankful for the positive people in your life -- gain inspiration and strength from them.

Steer clear from drugs and alcohol. They are shortcuts to help your emotions and can be terrible. Alcohol just turns people inside out and starts a down spiral that includes drunken texts and a lot of tears. Especially the drunk texts.

Talk to someone. Whether you're feeling down or very down. Reach out to a friend. If you're feeling like you might hurt yourself, call the Suicide Hotline at 1-(800) 273-8255. Or maybe you just need another friend to talk to. Feel free to reach out to me at Together, we can get through it.

Finally -- give it time. Broken hearts only heal with time. The truth is, you'll never forget your ex. You'll live your whole life with that person in your heart. After time, you'll remember more of the good times than the bad and those bad times will stop tormenting you.

Take this from a person who has gotten relationship advice from mayors, models and multi-Grammy award winners -- no matter what all those people told me, you've got to deal with your breakup in your own way. Stay strong. Turn on some music. Let time heal your heart.