06/04/2014 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Small-Space Room Dividers

A stylish way to define-and divide-tight quarters.

looks like art
A home office feels much less office-y when bordered by these night-black, lacelike panels. Delicate cutouts of flora and fauna form an inviting threshold while casting playful shadows on the floor. So practical and so dreamy.

dangling architecture
Strands of shimmering oversize circles create much-needed structure within an open layout. The kitchen and dining areas remain visually linked but are subtly split. A full row of these earring- like discs anchored on a skinny rod has a screen effect.

sheer versatility
See-through curtains are a great way to add intrigue to a cozy space like a studio apartment, where an opaque alternative could make things feel claustrophobic. These linen panels, available in a range of hues and lengths, artfully veil a sleeping zone from the living room (and nosy guests). We left a three-foot gap between two panels to simulate an entryway.

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