03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Tiger Woods' Women: Worse Than Hookers, 'Weeds' Do It For Free

Wherever in the world Tiger Woods is, the one thing we know for certain is that he is in the doghouse - which is exactly where he should be. What I am finding shocking is the ever-increasing parade of smiling women waving their "I slept with Tiger" emails in search of their 15 minutes of fame. How is it that these women are not hanging their heads in shame? Since when did it become acceptable that women could cheat with a married man who had toddlers at home and think they should be able to face the world with their heads held high? Decades ago they would have been shunned and run out of town. But today, these brazen women are parading around for photographers with their big sunglasses, fake tans and new hair extensions and are all hoping to sell their story and see if Playboy Magazine or some new reality show comes knocking. This audacity is symbolic of the moral apocolypse that has happened to America. They should be ashamed of themselves. Their conduct should be scorned, not sold to the highest bidder.

The tabloids are calling them home-wreckers, mistresses, semi-pros, and hookers. I personally have coined a different term I use to describe those deplorable women who sleep with other women's husbands - weeds. Yes, weeds. Weeds, in a marriage, just as in nature (as well as in golf) are always unwanted, undesirable and destructive. Weeds could care less about destroying another woman's family. Their value system has gone so askew that they don't even think about it.

Weeds are desperate, amoral, damaged women who can't manage to seal the deal with a decent guy of their own so they try to poach one from someone else's marriage. How do we know this to be true? Easy: If weeds could seal the deal with a great guy, they would have. Instead, weeds try to find a marriage with a crack and hope they can break it apart completely. Weeds are the arch enemy of every married woman. If so many weeds weren't running around dropping their knickers at flash of a credit card there would be many more men at home reading stories to their children and tucking them in to bed at night.

I think it is time we toss some shame where it belongs. I don't want to hear their stories. We already know their stories: Tiger's weeds said yes when most women of integrity would have said "No, go back to your wife where you belong." Perhaps they didn't know better before but now that they know better, they should do better. These weeds should muster up some decency from their long-forgotten souls and keep their mouths shut - for a change.

A wife has enough to worry about trying to balance the demands of her husband, her life, her work and family. The last thing Elin or any wife needs are low rent weeds trying to mess with their families by setting stripper-sized booby traps for the fathers of her children - let alone trying to sell the story to the media. Shame on him and shame on them. Contrary to what many seem to think, cheating is never "just sex." Every time a married man is with a weed or even thinking about a weed, that is time that should have been spent focusing on the needs of his family. Children need a mom and dad and they need them both under the same roof.

Why did Tiger go on such a romping rampage? The answer is simple, because he could - and because he thought he could get away with it. He was wrong and it will take years to rebuild the trust and respect that has been lost. Clearly, Tiger wasn't looking to trade in his wife for a weed. None of the weeds in Tiger's hall of shame are sporting gifts of million dollar jewels or million dollar homes which he could easily afford to give - if he really cared for them. And those "special messages they cherish from Tiger" mean nothing - because he is married. Here is a little fact for women tempted by a married man - married men who cheat, always lie.

All cheating married men know the cheapest way to get between the sheets on a regular basis with a weed is to use a little hope as bait, by tossing in lies like "My wife doesn't understand me" or "We sleep in separate rooms." or "We are just staying together until the children get out of school." This ploy is straight out of Cheaters 101. For a cheating man, being a frequent flyer with a weed is far cheaper than with a hooker. A few complements, a dash of false hope and a room service meal is about all it takes to score with a weed. A limo ride is just a bonus. I wonder how many times Tiger heard his shameless line up of weeds deliver the well-rehearsed line: "I don't care about money or fame, I just care about you."

Tiger's weeds may be getting their 15 minutes of fame now but what they don't realize as they smile for the cameras is that the shame coming their way is going to last much longer. Like many notorious weeds who have come before them, these weeds too will wake up one day after their fifteen minutes of tabloid fame is over and wonder why life didn't work out, why jobs disappeared, why clients disappeared and why men disappeared; and then they will get it - American wives now know their names and recognize their faces and those 60 million wives all have Elin's back. Wives never support the advancement of weeds.

So, what next for Tiger and his family? Many people think Elin should divorce him and walk away with her dignity. Well, think about this: Should Elin really serve up her fabulous life and her testosterone-fueled husband on a silver platter to some stupid weed just because she figured out how to work a zipper? Would her children be better off if Tiger moves out of the house? Would Elin have peace of mind if she has to share custody of her children with her playboy golfer and some bimbo flavor of the week that half- watches her children while he whacks around some balls? I don't think so.

As dysfunctional as it is for both of them right now, it is clear that he is very remorseful and really loves Elin. And judging by her golf swing, she loves him too. And most importantly, they are a family. A marriage is a commitment between two people as long as there are only two people. When a couple has a family, a marriage becomes a commitment to the family - and a commitment to a family is meant to be forever. That is a good enough reason for the two of them to go above and beyond to try to work it out. Yes, for the sake of the children - in fact there is no better reason.

There is always dignity in fighting for family. There is also dignity in not giving up your entire life because of a weed. A weed gets nothing but a little $%&@ and a few stolen moments, and that's already more than she deserves!