07/29/2014 06:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

If You've Been Rushing Around and Multitasking, Get Ready for the Consequences


Most people think running around as fast as they can trying to get things done, doing multiple things at once, results in more efficiency and productivity. How many people would be surprised to learn that they are actually creating inefficiency and lack of productivity? Impossible? Well, ask yourself how many details you overlook and wrong decisions you make when you're on turbo speed? Then, ask yourself how much time it takes you to go back and correct all the errors that were made?

The fact is, we accomplish a lot less when we're in a hurry and dividing our attention between several different things at one time. The reason for this can easily be explained from an energetic point of view. You would naturally assume that the faster you are going, the faster your energy vibration, and therefore, you are attracting the same faster, higher vibration of the things around you. This type of raised vibration is aligned with happiness, peace, joy, and a general ease of flow to life. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The truth is that our bodies and minds working at a breakneck pace is experienced on a frequency that is very low and slow. This means that we align ourselves with other things that are of a low vibration, like anger, fear, worry, and frustration. When we're rushing around and not being mindful of our thoughts and actions, we are creating more of what we're trying to avoid. This is when mistakes happen, decisions are poor, and nothing seems to go right.

Take a moment throughout your day and ask yourself if you feel centered or off-balance. If you feel centered, then you're calm, in control of your emotions, and aware of everything that's happening around you, which you are able to handle with efficiency. If you feel off-balance, then you are scattered, stressed, and everything you touch turns into a big thing goes wrong, then another, then another until you wish you hadn't gotten out of bed that day!

If you do feel off-balance during the day, here are some ways you can slow down, and therefore, raise your vibration, so that you accomplish much more and experience a peaceful life.

1) Stop in Your Tracks

Whatever you are frantically doing, no matter what it is, you need to stop immediately. If you don't, you're headed down a very slippery slope. Nothing good can come from frantic energy. You are just asking for trouble. Know that whatever it is you are doing will get done when, and if, it is meant to get done. Recognize that you have been thrown off balance and need to collect yourself and get centered before you unwittingly pull in negative circumstances.

2) Step Out of the Room

If there are people around you, there is a distinct possibility that you are picking up on their energy, which may be carrying with it all kinds of issues that they are having at the moment. So step out of the room in order to break the energy, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself with white light around you like a shield. All you're doing is creating the intention for yourself of being your own sovereign being of energy and not absorbing it off of others.

3) Trust Life

Trust and have faith that everything works out the way it is supposed to, and that, you don't need to control each detail of a situation. Believe me, life will go on and time will pass whether you are in charge or not. Trust that all will happen in its own timing, and you will get where you are going at the perfect moment.

Be sure to remember that when your mind and body are flying around, so to speak, be aware that it's happening and breathe. Because in that moment, you are choosing your alignment - your point of attraction to all things. Simply taking action to be calm and mindful will attract the perfect solutions and situations to come in for you at the perfect time.