02/26/2015 04:23 pm ET Updated Apr 28, 2015

3 Things Your Negative Emotions Are Telling You

Anna Gorin via Getty Images

We have emotions for a reason. Negative ones, like anger, aggravation, hurt and so on, are very important to pay attention to because within them lurk hidden meanings. These emotions are like flashing red lights alerting us that something below the obvious surface has not been dealt with; so the first step is to recognize the purpose of the emotion we are having and understand what is really going on.

It's necessary to realize that we draw to ourselves exactly what we need when we need it in order to grow our consciousness. As is said, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Each soul incarnates in order to meet itself and know itself, specifically in those instances when we feel our strength is being tested. Therefore, through your emotions, you are being brought closer to your true self. Unresolved issues and unprocessed feelings are being revealed in the experience you are having at that particular moment, but you have to be aware and witness yourself almost as an outsider. This is not to judge yourself, instead it is with the purpose of allowing greater love into your being and reality. Those situations are opportunities to elevate your entire life. Emotions are the tools the soul uses for enlightenment... Listen to what they are really saying!

Consider this: Our eyes are not observing our reality, but projecting it; thus, the thoughts and feelings we are having on the inside become manifest on the outside. In other words, outside reality is aligned with inside reality; so if you are unhappy on the inside, your life circumstances will reflect that, and you will be aligned with that which you find unhappy. Hence, if you allow the outside of you to dictate the inside of you, then you will always be a victim of circumstance.

When you have a negative emotion, there exists a need to develop your observation and awareness of what you are projecting into your reality, so stop and take notice! This is a golden opportunity for you to dissolve negative attachments and once and for all put an end to cycles of habits, patterns, and routines that do not serve your highest good. These emotions are a gift for you to take advantage of in order to reach a higher vibration.

Now let's take a look at the three hidden agendas of the soul masking as just another foul mood...

1. Not Good Enough

When someone hurts your feelings, it generally just makes you feel bad about yourself...these are feelings of inadequacy. Insecurities that we all have come flooding out that make us doubt our abilities and belief in ourselves. There is some trait or behavior being shown to us that we simply do not like.

Don't beat yourself up about it, but do take your power back. What this awareness is meant to teach is that you need to accept yourself just as you are, be kind and compassionate, and believe in you. You have exactly what you need in order to be the person you wish to be. Somewhere along the line, someone made you feel less than, and you are still carrying that pain around with you. It is the same experience playing over and over again but showing up in different forms and scenarios.

2. Not Loved

At certain times when we need another person to do something for us, maybe it's a spouse, your kids, the boss, even a repairman you were depending on, and they drop the ball, we can become aggravated...makes sense, right? But what deep-seated belief about yourself are these "teachers" really poking at? In your mind, they are saying, "I don't care about you." You think that if they cared about you, then they would not have let you down; this is what is causing the aggravation.

So the questions you should be asking yourself are: "Do I feel I deserve love?" "Do I love myself?" "Do I feel unloved?" Recognize that the reality being shown to you reflects a much deeper issue than what appears on the surface. The details of the situation and the people involved may vary, but the underlying reason for the suffering is the same.

3. Not Free

Do you find that people are always very demanding of your time and attention, which in turn, makes you frustrated and angry? When we feel as though we're not being allowed to do the things we want to do or be who we want to be, it's very unnatural to us. Human beings have free will, and when our freedom is being stifled and oppressed, we feel others are holding us back from being fulfilled.

Here is the lesson: only you can free yourself. Know that your journey is not the same journey as another, no matter how close they are to you. You were made to move beyond the old constructs that hold you back. You will find that once you release what you have come to expect as normal and accepted in order to accept a higher way of living, creating, thinking, and feeling, relationships and work will transform. Some relationships will end and others will begin. The type of work you do or how you do your work may change. Just remember that anything different is good when breaking old energy and old patterns.

When you understand that changing the inside of you first changes how you perceive what is happening on the outside, then you have found the keys to the Universe. Our thoughts create reality, not the other way around. So when our reality doesn't look the way we want it to and brings up emotions that are unpleasant to us, that is the message we are being given to start building a bridge between what is and what can be. The signs are everywhere that give us that chance. Taking time to be aware of your reactions, thoughts and emotions will bring you into a space of clarity and balance where you can make informed decisions guided and supported by your soul... decisions that will usher in release and healing for yourself and your life.