10/19/2012 06:00 pm ET Updated Dec 19, 2012

Why I Am Voting for Mitt Romney on Nov. 7

I am a Democrat.

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

However, this time -- after a lot of soul searching and after closely examining both candidates and the issues -- I have decided to vote for Mitt Romney.

Here is why:

  • Because of Romney's strong support for every Obama administration proposal designed to lift our country from the deep economic and financial crisis it has found itself in during the past four years.
  • Because I know exactly where Romney stands on important issues. For example, his steadfast position on abortion and other women's issues, his gracious acceptance of an offered binder full of women and his promise to get back with us on the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
  • His principled, rock-solid, unchanging positions on immigration and path to citizenship, gun policy, embryonic stem cell research, his no-tax pledge and so many other important issues.

I respect how quickly and fully he shared with the American people every aspect of his personal finances for the past decade, his openness and transparency on all his tax, financial and investment matters.

I admire his stated commitment to 100 percent of Americans, including the 47 percent -- retirees, veterans, the disabled and the working poor -- who have a hard time making ends meet and, therefore, cannot pay their share of taxes.

I admire his record of acquiring companies, turning a profit, discarding those companies and giving their employees the opportunity to find even better career opportunities elsewhere.

I was especially taken by how Romney immediately came to the support of the president after -- even during -- a recent national tragedy and how he set politics aside for a while.

I found it thoughtful and compassionate of the former governor of Massachusetts to want to share with all Americans a health care plan that worked so well for the people in the state of Massachusetts.

While our nation was in the depths of an economic and financial crisis, Romney had the clairvoyance and business instinct to support saving the auto industry and to oppose the Wall Street bailouts.

For his solid performance on international issues and the favorable impression he has made on our allies -- on the world -- during his foreign excursions.

For his sound, specific proposals on how to intervene in Syria, prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and for taking action in other hot spots and crises around the world and for his fresh ideas for ending the Afghanistan War in ways so different and so much more effective from what the present administration is pursuing.

I have studied and I believe in his detailed, crystal clear plans to rebound our economy, to cut taxes by $5 trillion, increase our defense budget, create 12 million jobs over the next four years without adding to the deficit. (How can anyone not vote for this man?)

I admire Mr. Romney's patriotism evidenced by his rejoicing every time the unemployment figures have come down, when gas prices came down and every time an economic indicator improved. Also, his obvious disappointment and constructive comments when things went the other way.

I am excited about how Romney will protect, preserve and conserve our precious environment and invest in clean, renewable energy.

As a retired military, I was touched by his laser-like focus during the Republican National Convention on our military and on the Afghanistan war -- a conflict where our troops continue to fight and die in.

Finally, having seen Mitt Romney stand firm on his core beliefs, his principles -- never wavering, never changing, never hesitating, throughout the Republican primaries and now during the last weeks of campaigning and debating -- whether his audiences consist of right wing Evangelicals, Tea Party members, Latinos, moderates and independents or just a roomful of wealthy Boca Raton donors, I am convinced that what I see in Mitt Romney the candidate is what I'll get in Mitt Romney the president.

That, and more that I can't' recall right now, is why I will for vote for Romney on Nov.7, unless they find some cure for that strange ailment that has been afflicting so many of us, "Romnesia" -- by Nov. 6.