10/28/2014 10:53 am ET Updated Dec 28, 2014

7 Signs That Someone Is a Member of Your Soul Group

Paper Boat Creative via Getty Images

I believe that every person on the planet belongs to a soul group.

A soul group is the inner most circle of people in your life. They are part of our lives to help teach us life lessons.

We all have friends, colleagues, loved ones and family members, but only a select few will affect us so profoundly on our life's journey. Here are seven signs that someone if truly a part of your soul group:

1. Instant chemistry: We have all had that experience where you are introduced to someone and feel immediately familiar. You might have a similar sense of humor, or you share goals and belief systems. Some believe that this familiarity is due to spending past lifetimes with our soul group. Either way, if someone is a member of your soul group, you will just "get" each other.

2. They encourage you to be your best: A member of your soul group sees your potential, not just where you are now. They will encourage you to apply for the job, join the gym, or write that novel. Nothing makes them happier than seeing you shine, and they celebrate in your greatness.

3. But they will also lovingly call you out when you're being an ass:
A member of your soul group has the unique ability to cut straight to the truth, like pointing out when you shouldn't be wasting time with that cheating guy. They can see when you're not acting in your own best interests, and are not afraid to help you stand in your highest light.

4. They can handle the truth:
We have all had the experience of being hurt by a friend's words or actions. A true member of your soul group is open to recognize when they've made a mistake. Whether they hurt your feelings by blurting out a secret or stepping on your toes, they will have the wisdom to apologize because they are sensitive to your feelings.

5. They know how to make you laugh in the toughest of situations:
A member of your soul group can create a belly laugh so deep and heartfelt that even in a moment of despair, hardship, or pain, they can bring a smile to your face.

6. They will hold your hair back while you puke:
Of course this one is more metaphorical; it means that a member of your soul group will support you, even when it's not pretty or convenient. They will bring you soup when you have the flu, will pick up the tab if you are having a tough time, and can even see your beauty in the midst of your "ugly cry."

7. There is an equal exchange of energy:
One of the biggest signs of a true soul group relationship is the natural give and take of energy. Most people love the idea of having a friend that will patiently listen over a coffee while they vent about life. But a member of your soul group will have the intuitive awareness to check in with you as well.