11/25/2014 02:25 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2015

The Real Answer to Your Health Dreams

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Imagine you are running through a field of grass feeling vibrant, looking healthy, and young. Now imagine that you are also disease-free and strong into your old age. Don't both those images seem too good to be true? Like a commercial for Botox, miracle drug or for a weight-loss pill?

Don't you want to know the secret to this better "version" of you? Don't you want to know the answer that you have been waiting for?

But, what if I told you that this secret is not in contained in pill, a package, or product. There is no way to purchase this secret.

Okay, according to know medical knowledge, the secret formula to attaining this version of yourself -- is within you.


Don't believe me? There is medical evidence that we can control our appearance, health and vitality through our gene expression -- it's called epigenetics. Epigenetics is the way the body reads your genes. You change the words in your book so that it becomes a different version of the book.

That means that you can change the course of your life, disease and health by changing your expression of genes.

For example, if you hold the genes for Type 2 diabetes but you are not exposed to certain factors in the environment, foods, toxins -- you can prevent the Type 2 diabetes. However, if you are exposed to certain environmental triggers such processed diet, sedentary lifestyle, etc. -- you genes for diabetes get expressed.

Therefore, what I'm telling you is that you have been dealt your cards, however epigenetic changes can really determine your future.

So if you start changing your epigenetics -- you hold the power to unlock the genes that give you your best self. By changing the way you think, move, eat, you can actually modulate 50 to 80 percent of gene expression. That means that almost all of the genes we have in our body (the genes for diabetes, autoimmune diseases, youthfulness etc) are expressed or not expressed by the things we eat, do and expose ourselves to.

I would ask you to channel the abundance mindset, in other words -- just imagine that you have all the tools in the world right inside your own body. And all you have to do is unlock these tools. Envision that the key for anti aging is inside of you. Secondly, imagine that the best weight-loss pill is within your body. Lastly, imagine that you have the potential to be the president, the leader, the entrepreneur we always wanted to be.

It's not that someone's going to pick you to be the president, that someone's going to give you the answer. It's not that we're going to discover the "cure." The answer lies within you and I just can say, as a physician, that this is absolutely true -- this is not your imagination.

Specific steps include cutting out most processed and inflammatory foods, sleeping eight to 10 hours, exercising smart, decreasing toxicity in your environment and mind. Each of these steps can change you.

Sometimes all the diet and health gurus fight about the details but the key here is finding the right balance of foods and lifestyle that works for you. I have my version that worked for me but yours might be slightly different -- and that's okay.

You will know what's working because over a few months you will start getting closer to this better version of yourself.

I am not just painting a rosy picture to convince you to buy or do something. I'm telling you because I am convinced that the answer to your dream health and life is within yourself.

I want you to take that miracle cure, secret and new device within yourself and unlock it by following changing your epigenetics.

Countless people have turned their lives and their illnesses around by eating, thinking, and understanding their bodies -- I want this for you, too.

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